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New York passes new legislation to hinder ticket scalping

Violators can face fines and imprisonment.

New York has announced that they have passed legislation that sets penalties for people scalping, including those that use illegal scalper bots. 

Governor Cuomo notes on his website- 

“These unscrupulous speculators and their underhanded tactics have manipulated the marketplace and often leave New Yorkers and visitors alike with little choice but to buy tickets on the secondary market at an exorbitant mark-up,” Governor Cuomo said. “It’s predatory, it’s wrong and, with this legislation, we are taking an important step towards restoring fairness and equity back to this multi-billion dollar industry. I thank Attorney General Schneiderman and the sponsors of this legislation for their diligence and hard work to pass this much-needed measure.”

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The scalping legislation provides a class A misdemeanor for those violating. Those caught could face fines and potential imprisonment. 

More details can be found here

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