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NLV Records is changing the game

We chat with Nina Las Vegas.

Yesterday we wrote an article about why Australian dance music was more important than ever. To go along with that, we sat down with the talented Nina Las Vegas to learn more about her 1-year-old record label! 

How did the record label start, why did you start a label at this point in your career, and now that you're a year in, do you feel that your message and goal have changed? 

I want NLV Records to be around forever, so in the scheme of things, a year is really not that long! I think that people know that I’m serious now and growing with every release. My goal is still to establish another reputable club label into both the local and international scene and I think this year has proved that already.

What would you say are the biggest challenges in managing a label? Were there unexpected obstacles you ran into when you started?

Being independent definitely has its perks. We chose what we want to do and when we want to do it, however not having a buttload of disposable cash is hard. Money (or lack there of) really does stop a few things, but I’m proud of output so far.

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Where do you feel the label going from now? Do you have personal goals looking forward towards the future of the label?

I want to release some more visual elements next year. I also want the releases to exist physically, through vinyl or original artworks or prints. I’m super proud of how NLV Records exists so I want to share that more.

The music world can be daunting. What advice would you give those that are looking to make their own big break?

Be yourself. And don’t give up. Originality, persistence and a true love for music are what I want to see from someone who wants to make music.

What can we expect from the label for the rest of 2016 and beginning of 2017?

We’re focusing on our three club nights throughout December. We’ve just released Lewis’ amazing EP, ‘Indoor Rainforest’ and next year we’ll be working on the Hi Tom, UNiiQU3 and my own EPs.

Finally, can you tell us about your parties happening at the end of the year? For those of us outside of Australia, how can we best celebrate your one year birthday? 

NLV Records was founded to push the boundaries of Australian club music. We take risks, celebrate diversity and don't wanna sound like everyone else. For me, the most exciting part about this party will be that you will be hearing new and different music on loud speakers. In a time when music can/is sounding the same, this night will be a breath of fresh air. And if you want to support outside of Aus? Buy our songs, add them in your playlists and enjoy them! 

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