Maybe we're perfect strangers, maybe we'll last forever ... know the jam?

Yeah, it's a sweet little number called "Perfect Strangers" by Jonas Blue.
A man who this year, has sold more singles globally than any other debut artist in 2016. One of those singles being tropical house version of Tracey Chapman's "Fast Car," and another, being feel good collab with vocalist RAYE, "By Your Side." 

So... list me! Places sweet little numbers are all well and good?
1. Your grandmother's wardrobe
2. Baked goods
3. The Little Mermaid soundtrack

But when it comes to the world of bass face - that just ain't cutting it.  Cue DC Breaks. The RAM Records titans have arrived at Jonas' doorstep, kicked in the studio door*, chucked that track in the blender and poured out something truly naughty!

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‘We really enjoyed working on this mix. As ever with Jonas, all the parts sounded great which made them so easy to work with. We tried to flip the original on its head a bit, so came up with a new set of chords to sit the vocal on top of, and created a whole new vibe, a bit darker and atmospheric but still musical and even a bit jazzy! The bass line just flowed naturally from this point, a bit of squelch, growl and lots of sub!'

SQUELCHY! Released at the the end of Oct, the original tune hit the Top 10 UK iTunes Chart, the Top 20 UK Singles Chart and is now wriggling happily into bed with drum and bass fam. Smart move JBlue - we commend you.

*not actually, no violence occurred in the making of this attack track!!

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