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Premiere: Get ready to dance the night away with Lauren Lane's "EVELYN GLENNIE"

Inspired by the deaf percussionist's TED talk.
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Yesterday we unveiled a chat we had with Lauren Lane about surviving the music world, and we mentioned that we would be premiering a track off her Mantra 304 EP. 

As promised, We have the song for you today, a track inspired by Evelyn Glennie's TED Talk. Glennie is a deaf percussionist who has been performing professionally despite her condition, and her talk explains her ability to still hear through other parts of her body. Likewise, Lane manages to encapsulate feeling and energy into the track that goes just beyond sound. The resulting work is magnetic, hypnotic, and utterly addicting. 

Watch the TED discussion and listen to the track below. Mantra 304 is out today via Beatport

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