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Premiere: Sluggers - 15 Hours (ft. Spank Rock)  [Official Video]

A late-night crime in Miami gets even darker.

It can be hard to find quality music in the submissions and premiere requests a lot of the time. Songs blur from one right to the next, and in all of my years writing, it's quickly become obvious that the good ones hook the listener within mere seconds. 

Those are rare to come by though, and for every music track or video we write on here each day, 200 songs have been passed on. With the newest from Sluggers and Spank Rock, I think I'm confident in saying this is one of those tracks I think I will genuinely be playing outside of my work. 

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With an electric combination of a whole slew of various genres- ranging from hip hop to trap with touches of electro- it's dirty, raw, and vibrant. Sluggers, who are an anonymous crew of producers, know how to bring Spank Rock's vocals to life, and the end result is utterly weird perfection. 

"15 Hours" is out now via Insomniac Records

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