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Electronic music's premiere daytime event All Day I Dream (ADID) will descend on Miami Saturday, December 3rd from 2pm till 10pm, an eight-hour roller coaster ride exploring the emotional side of house and techno. Known for its exotic, carefully chosen venues, the party will take place on a mysterious "secret island" surrounded by ocean views and lush gardens, a location discovered by co-promoters The Electric Pickle

All Day I Dream is the vision of legendary DJ Lee Burridge who, inspired by the utopian ethos of Burning Man, set out to design an experience that transcends music and shows the human possibilities through building community, if only for a few hours at a time. The parties are almost always held outside among nature and are usually day-into-night affairs, which provides a powerful emotional arc across the music and visual programming. “It’s not only the music," says Burridge, who also runs the ADID record label, "it’s the energy created by our loyal community who attend every event. Everyone is an important part of what makes it so unique and special.”

All Day I Dream is the brainchild of beloved DJ/Producer Lee Burridge.

All Day I Dream is the brainchild of beloved DJ/Producer Lee Burridge.

Now entering its sixth year, ADID has gained cult-like status, growing into a passionate following of "dreamers" (as they are affectionately known) throughout the world. This Saturday's event marks its first excursion during Art Basel, the global art festival that has blossomed into a major cultural happening, drawing over 70,000 attendees to Miami Beach and the hip Wynwood district every December.      

Joining Burridge on this magical journey will be his ADID labelmates Öona Dahl and Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, whose brand of deep, melancholic tech house has quickly earned them a groundswell of fans. We caught up with the Russian duo to get a preview.     

Q: This will be the first ADID at Art Basel, which has grown into a massive cultural event beyond art. Your particular brand of electronic music is especially cinematic. As music producers, do you draw inspiration from visual art?

GH + IZ: First, we’d like to emphasize that it is a big honor for us to be a part of the first ADID at Art Basel. Of course, visual art does matter a lot for us not only as musicians but as ordinary art lovers as well. We can’t claim that we are very deep into all the modern art schools and changes, but we do have our own notions, artists, and artworks that inspire us and enrich us spiritually. We’ve been passionate about this field for many years and always try to explore something new for us in there.

All Day I Dream is making its Art Basel debut at a 'secret island' venue.

All Day I Dream is making its Art Basel debut at a 'secret island' venue.

Q: Neuroscience has determined that daydreaming stimulates creativity and performance. Can you tell us about your daydreams? Does this practice help in your artistic process?

GH + IZ: Frankly speaking, we’ve never thought about it. The oeuvre and the process itself stimulate a lot of different factors. Of course, it can be very difficult to fully dive into creativity in the whirlwind of events, to notice some subtle details or to imagine a whole picture of your work and define its mood. That is when the ability to switch off and dive into some daydreamy flow is essential. But we think it’s always individually. Different people consider the ability to dream differently. We actually do consider it an ability you may gain throughout your life. Which – as every other ability – can bring benefits, enrich, and embellish, but can also be destroying. It’s important to understand what’s dear to you personally. Because the planet also needs its destructors.

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For us, we are real dreamers and sometimes “not of his Earth”. Our dreams are always somewhere between plain and big. The ability to dream compensates our imperfection somehow. At the same time, it pushes us to become advanced in our work and to develop the attitude towards the world around us. It is very important to have the ability to dream in our music, to create images of great and more ideal beauty in our imagination. Some of them then form the basis of our creative work.

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski spin at the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man 2016

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski spin at the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man 2016

Q: You guys performed a highly acclaimed set at Robot Heart at Burning Man this year. Tell us about that experience.

GH+IZ: We are thankful to have had the opportunity to play our set at the Robot Heart bus. It was our first Burning Man, and we had no great expectations from this trip. We only knew that we were going to the desert for the whole week – from its first day to the official termination. To be honest, it’s always difficult to express your thoughts and feelings there in words. This is a unique experience indeed (no matter how often you’ve heard this), and it’s an ideal place and perfect timing for many things you can’t imagine within your routine. By nature, we always ponder a lot of little things around us, peer into the details. And, while in the desert, playing our set on the bus roof with that big heart over our heads, surrounded by really extraordinary people – and we're talking about every single person who was there that morning – we were enjoying every single feature of the moment. It looked like a whole orchestra playing directed by Robot Heart.

Q: As we near the end of a tumultuous year for America, we’re crossing a threshold of great change and, along with it, anxiety. What role does the electronic music community play in making sense of it all and helping to hea?

GH+IZ: Music often plays the role of a tuning fork in life, where almost every day a lot of events happen which can put one into unrest and uncertainty. Sometimes we lack the emotional capacity to gain our balance again. At such moments, music can put feelings in order, change the mind flow, and restore harmony. We are sure many people are familiar with this feeling. There are also series of events that can give you that aesthetic delight, sense of harmony, and great beauty one needs in the modern world. And, of course, every one experiences that live interaction, eye contact, and new ways of behavior during different music events. We consider all of that very important. Sometimes exactly these things help to overcome difficult times or to take a breath within the everyday storm. But we are also sure that every person in his or her life should experience the whole range of feelings and emotions, positive as well as negative. That is what makes us wiser and stronger and gives us the perception of the fullness of life.

The Magnetic Live crew will be broadcasting from All Day I Dream!              Follow us on Facebook Live and keep up with all the action via hashtags #MagneticLive and #ArtBasel2016.

All Day I Dream | Art Basel Miami Edition

Secret Island Location – TBA

Saturday, December 3 from 2 PM – 10 PM | Tickets

Connect With All Day I Dream: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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