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RokBlok Brings Portability to Vinyl!

Vinyl can finally be on-the-go.

One of the great difficulties that come with vinyl is its impracticality. Even with a battery operated portable MP3 player, bringing both a the player and some vinyls isn't the most practical thing. But if you're a heavy vinyl collector that wants to share their exclusive prints with friends, what can you do?

It turns out the people at Pink Donut were thinking the same thing, and have decided to engineer a portable box that will play records on the go. With built-in speakers, as well as bluetooth capability,  this is the perfect way to play records on the go. 

To use their RokBlok product, just place it on top of a record and pull the lever to start playing music. To stop, hold the moving record player. Simple and incredibly easy, this is the perfect product for vinyl lovers. 

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