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Run D.M.C. are looking for 50 Million Dollars from Amazon, Walmart, Jet, and more

Allege that counterfeit items are being sold without their permission.

Run D.M.C. have filed a lawsuit against various corporations and companies, with Walmart, Amazon, Jet, among 20 other John Does, according to Billboard. They are seeking $50 million over "alleged trademark infringement on products using the iconic hip-hop group's name and logo without permission." 

They further allege that "some of the allegedly infringing products claim to be "RUN-DMC styled products" such as fedora hats and square-frame sunglasses that use the group's name in their title or description but not the logo." They are also highlighting products that use their logo without their permission in a more blatant fashion. 

The lawsuit has also revealed some interesting things, such as a 1.6 million dollar deal with Adidas, as well as the fact that their brand "has produced revenue in excess of $100 million from the intellectual property associated with the trademark "RUN-DMC" since its inception in the 1980s, including the sale of music, music publishing, concerts, merchandising and endorsement deals." 

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More information will surely come, but this will undoubtedly set a precedent in online sales and artist copyright. 

Read more here, via Billboard. 

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