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The widespread media coverage of the threats facing London nightclubs paints a worrying picture of nightlife in the UK. Unsurprisingly, however, that’s only one side of the story. With a drinking age of 18, compared to the USA’s 21, and with a worldwide reputation for their rich and varied musical history, the Brits’ love for alcohol and music manifests itself in a crazy nightlife culture, which ranges from traditional rowdy pubs to warehouse raves championing the newest in electronic dance music.

If you are considering a trip to the UK for some site seeing then make sure to put a night out on your agenda. Here's a quick break down of what you can expect.


Troubling Times - London Takes Some Hits, But That's Not Going To Stop Anything

It is a sad fact that the UK’s club culture has taken a massive hit in recent years, seeing the number of nightclubs in London fall by half. The most shocking of these closures was that of the world-famous Fabric, which lost its license over issues with drug use in the venue. However, after a high-profile petition to save the venue was launched, seeing thousands of Brits plus big names such as The Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada rile together, the venue has now triumphantly reopened, to the relief of Electronic Music lovers everywhere. It is this unified cry of protest which proves that the UK’s clubbing scene is still very much alive.

So don't let the bad news fool you, there is still plenty to do in one of dance music's capitol cities and beyond.  

Warm up at a pub before your big night out!

Warm up at a pub before your big night out!

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University Life - Despite Looming Debt, The UK's Student Population Still Rallies. Pay Attention, They Know Where It's Happening!

Despite the inevitable focus on the capital, it is arguably elsewhere in the country that you can find the best the UK has to offer. With UK students having to pay more than ever in university fees, affordable nights out are evermore crucial to student satisfaction, and it is outside of London that students enjoy the perks of cheaper travel, cheaper entry tickets, and cheaper booze. A recent study by Voucherbox found that British students “will now be left with around £27,750 of debt after their degree”, although, rather than reacting by tightening the purse strings, the students’ response to this intimidating prospect is to enjoy university to the max whilst they can. This admirable attitude is one which has seen swathes of events, from bar crawls to raves, define students’ weekly timetables.

So watch the students, that is if you are still young enough to blend in with them. This is where you will find the hottest new acts and lowest prices for your night out. 


Where to Go - It's Not Just London

As with everything, the only way to truly appreciate all that UK nightlife has to offer is to experience it for yourself. Northern cities like Manchester and Leeds boast huge student populations, and are notorious for clubs such as Sankeys and Beaverworks, which are housed in vast ex-industrial buildings. They have hosted big names such as Shy Fx, Seth Troxler and Daft Punk, whilst also supporting the exciting movements of the UK’s underground music scenes, seeing the likes of Grime superstars Stormzy and Wiley take up regular gigs.

Convinced to add on a British night out to your bucket list? Keep an open mind when it comes to the music (you could find yourself listening to anything from a Dub legend to an emerging techno artist), prepare to party well into the next morning, and you’ll be in for a treat: with the student generation fueling a countrywide buzz of new events, DJs and collectives, British nightlife is set to only get bigger and better.

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