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Phonon - The Most Amazing Headphones You've Probably Never Heard Of!

Japan's Phonon is slowly but surely turning the heads of the worlds top DJs and Producers and we have a 10% off code for the holidays!

Founded in 2010, Japan's Phonon has been slowly making a name for themselves among some of the most prolific DJs and producers in the world. So why haven't you heard of them? Like any small company driven by product and passion, most of the money ends up going into what they make. Phonon doesn't fuss with fancy packaging to camouflage mediocre quality, there is no need for glitz when they sound the way they do.

A simple box, a functional yet simply elegant design and all the money put into the headphones themselves. What does that mean for you? An insane product that compares to headphones at 2x to 3x the price. 

We got our hands on the Phonon 4000 and flipped out, you can read the full review here by our gear editor and DJ/Producer Kane Michael. 

So this holiday season we teamed up with our friends at Phonon to offer you a 10% discount on these amazing cans. Simply go to the Phonon online store and enter the code. Magnetic10

Both the original SMB-02 and the Phonon 4000 are eligible for this holiday deal, but hurry the offer is only available for a limited time. 

I've recently run both these headphones through my standard tests and I'm truly blown away. If you are looking for headphones for DJ monitoring and on the go listening or even mobile studio work, the 4000 is going to be the best bet.

The SMB-02 is really more for studio or home use but can also be ported pretty easily, it just isn't quite as light and doesn't collapse. 

More on the different models below from Phonon, along with some testimonials from some legendary DJ / producers. 

Phonon 4000 / Mobile Hi-Fi phone

A mobile hi-end system.

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Now carry with you the pure sound of the SMB-02, which has been highly praised in the professional audio world, with the newest mobile headphone, the Phonon 4000.

Foldable and compact, the 4000 are the perfect mobile headphones for enjoying the music you love as well as monitoring while in the DJ booth. Despite its portable size, the 4000 uses the same 40mm driver as the SMB-02 embodying the unique precision tuning expertise only offered through phonon.

Our in-house sound master is known for his golden ear, through which he tunes headphones in such a way that incorporates his own proprietary tuning materials and techniques. While this can be a costly process to most large manufacturers, Phonon’s mission is to be uncompromising in the pursuit of sound quality.

With unprecedented space definition and sense of speed which characterizes phonon, the 4000 delivers powerful sound experience in a new convenient form.

The phonon 4000 are available in 2 models: matte black and silver hairline (designed by the Japanese illustrator and visual artist Tadaomi Shibuya).

DJ Deep rocking the 4000s

DJ Deep rocking the 4000s

"The Phonon 4000 headphones are priceless in my opinion as they are very dynamic, loud and "bass-friendly" for DJ use in clubs, while at the same time they are very tight and precise in their sound definition allowing producers to work on music production while on the road as a real pro monitoring reference tool " - DJ Deep

The original that started it all, the Phonon SMB-02

The original that started it all, the Phonon SMB-02

Phonon's Original Flagship The SMB-02

The SMB-02 uses exclusive phonon tuning theory to deliver high accuracy monitoring. These headphones offer excellent space definition and stunning low volume playback for headphone mixing, making it perfect for studio monitoring use (for professionals) and excelling at simple audio listening for the discerning consumer. Experience unparalleled sound quality regardless of the output source; from your phone to the most sophisticated sound system.

Features thick but lightweight ear-pads that remain comfortable even after long hours of use. 



"I travel a lot and therefore have to work on music while on the road. I am sometimes even forced to do some of my mixdowns when traveling.The fact that nearly none of these mixdowns have to be edited once I am back home in my studio, is a testament to the amazing full spectrum sound of thePhonon headphones." - Dixon, Innervisions records, Muting the Noise.

Laurent Garnier 

Laurent Garnier 

“I have never used headphones before to finalize any of my studio productions, just because i feel that I’ve never found the right pair. Since I got my pair of Phonon SMB-02 headphones , they have become an essential element when it comes to checking my studio mixes. From the very crisp highs to the low fat basses, these headphones simply never lie. The Phonon headphones have become now an essential part of my studio work, as they are the best studio headphones I have ever come across” - Laurent Garnier (DJ/producer)

More About Phonon Here.

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