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Weekly Drum and Bass Chart - 1st December, 2017

Black Sun Empire show me up by hand picking the best of the best this week - Agressor Bunx, June Miller, State of Mind and Break.

Burnt myself out on all that enthusiasm last week so thought I might let someone else get a word in edgewise this time round. Black Sun Empire are the Dutch dark bass demons behind tunes like "Until The World Ends" and new tune, Caterpillar (see below) with State of Mind below.  If you take a read, you'll see that Rene Verdult and brothers Milan and Micha Heyboer have been a little too goody two shoes in delivering the goods and I now live in fear of losing my job to them. Thanks guys! For showing me up. Nice picks all round.

"Caterpillar" - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind ft. Virus Syndicate  [Blackout NL]

 This is the title track taken from our new single with State of Mind & Virus Syndicate. The hip-hop part in the intro creates a perfect half time section in your DJ set’s in order to make the crowd go mental on the drop. We’re real happy with how this collaboration turned out!

 "Critical Moment" - Agressor Bunx [Blackout NL]

These two Ukrainian brothers have been taking the scene by storm and "Critical Moment" is probably my favorite tune these boys have done to date. The beats and bass line on the drop are just disgusting. So disgusting even that for some of you it might be too much, but we love it.

"NWO" - Telekinesis [Blackout NL]

This Slovenian duo just released their 3 EP on our label Blackout and this is the tune that deserved to be the title track. The 16 bars before it drops are so sexy! And then when the drums kick in you just want to dance!

"Danger" - Prolix [Shogun Audio]

Prolix first single on Shogun Audio was fire! And with this second release he proves to be great addition to their label. We’re even a bit jealous Friction signed him instead of us ;)

"SMPL (Mefjus Remix)" - Emperor [Critical Music]

This remix is nicely strange and Mefjus just can’t do no wrong. Glad he makes drum and bass and not some other genre.

"Shutdown" - Drumsound & Bassline Smith [Technique Recordings]

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First ‘Ladies night VIP’, then ‘The Truth’, ‘The Truth VIP’ and now this. I’ll be honest, up until now I didn’t play much of their music, just because somehow I didn’t think it would fit- but I’ve loved playing their tracks this year. So GOOD.

"Hide & Seek" - June Miller [RAM Records]

Ever since they changed their style from the more liquid sounding drum and bass to Neurofunk these guys have been getting better and better! Now I’m always looking forward to hearing their new tunes and this is another great example of what they are capable of!

"Who Got The Funk" - Break [Symmetry Recordings]

Always looking forward to checking out what Break has in store. His production is always on point and yes he’s got the funk!

"Elusive" - Black Sun Empire [Blackout NL]

On the flipside of Caterpillar we tried to implement some of our classic BSE sounding synth stabs and this is the result.

 "Tarkin" - Pythius & Neonlight [Blackout NL]

Glad both Pythius and Neonlight are part of the Blackout Family. They both have their signature sound and this collaboration deserves a lot of love.

Black Sun Empire's roll call -

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