Weekly Drum and Bass Chart - Dec 9th, 2016

Dimension, Delta Heavy, Lynx and a new one in the wings from Wilky Woo - lap up your fill of DnB for the week!

An institution are the DnBArenaAwards and this year, the winners from Wednesday were as follows:

Best Vid -  "'Mantra" - Noisia
Best Vocalist - DRS
Best MC - DRS
Best Club Night - Fabric
Best Festival -  Let It Roll
Best Newcomer - Signal
Best Newcomer Label - Methlab
Critic's Choice - Break
Best Remix - "Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)"
Hall of Fame - DJ Randal
Best Producer - Noisia
Best Track - "Suicide Bassline VIP" - Mefjus
Best Label - Hospital Records
Best Album - Noisia - Outer Edges

Whether you agree or don't agree, it's all one love in DnB. Big up to the winners and all those in the mix. 

The chart from the last round 

"UK" - Dimension [MTA Records]

Dimension is easily becoming one of my favourite producer's - hands down. This patriotically titled new tune is the business.

"Feel The Love" - North Base ft. Mitch Dowd [RAM Records]

Hot off Ram Records Drum and Bass Annual 2016 - quality stamp of approval!

"Reality" - Keeno x Krakota [Hospital Records]

300 of something is no little deal (nor is winning best label) and Hospital are spreading the joy at their 300th release with this track off a special EP exclusive to the Hospital Shop. 

"Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)" - Tantrum Desire  [Technique Recordings]

It UP. That’s right! The lads with the longest artist name in the world do a blinder on this Tantrum Desire track. Just the right amount of wriggle, vocals and bass - composition’s swell.

"Giving In" - NCT [Viper VIP]

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Aside from just straight up looking like cool motherfunker's - NCT are killing it with their new twin set of releases on Viper VIP.

"Run Away" - F8te ft. Georgia Lewis [Radar Records]

F8te is a fairly new face on the scene - Belgian and 21. That’s about all we know. But don't do what the title says!  Glorious vibes in this tune harking from Georgia Lewis’ vocals.

"Bar Fight" - Delta Heavy [RAM Records]

Pure aggro! Lap it up. 

"15th Time Lucky" - Lynx [Hospital Records]

Story of my life Lynxy.

"Morning Star (Break Remix)" - BCee ft. Philippa Hanna [Spearhead Records]

The Critic’s choice winner proves his merit. Slow burn on this bad boy.

"Brand New" - Wilkinson [RAM Records]

This isn't out until Saturday 10th, so I'm cheating a little bit - will pop the link in when it's out but just so y'know, it's incoming and you heard it here!

Until I come good with the Wilkinson, enjoy the rest of the chart in fully playlist format...

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