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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - December 9th, 2016

New Jayceeoh and Holly tune, plus Herobust, Jackal, JOYRYDE, div/div and a Getter VIP.

JOYRYDE covers up.

It's been a hot minute, but here we are again. Same old party, fresh new tunes. I finally made it out last weekend after a long drinking hiatus, but as the holidays would have it, it was back in my small little Wisconsin town where I almost didn't want to be seen. You know the feeling—uncomfortably familiar. That said, it did remind me of how much fun it was to just go out and chill without being part of some pompous scene. Just good, old fashioned partying. For whatever reason, this new trap playlist reminds me of that. Partly because it features names you recognize, but mostly because of Jayceeoh and Holly's new tune. And one way off the rocker from Holly and Nonsens.

Full playlist at the bottom.

"Damn" ft. Freddie Gibbs - JOYRYDE (OWSLA)

Wanted to kick this thing off the right way. No playing around this week. We’ve heard JOYRYDE go hybrid with house before, but there’s little deviation on this. Except for Freddie Gibbs who just slays. 

"Cavern (UNKNWN Remix)" - UZ and ATLiens (Quality Goods)

Love where UKNWN takes this. What I love just as much though is UNKNWN's Facebook cover photo. If you're on this, get after the 2016 mix on Soundcloud

"Where Are You Now (div/div flip)" - Lady Leshurr

Div/Div is a personal favorite of mine right now. He made the last chart and continues divving with a heavy dose of oddballery. There might not be a track wilder than this for the rest of the year.

"666! (Getter VIP)" - Getter and Ghastly (OWSLA)

Less playful than the original, trading breaks for bass, and that's exactly what I was hoping for in the VIP. 

"Every Night" ft. Brewski - Jayceeoh and Holly (Kannibalen Records)

Pretty hard to stay in when you're plugged into this. Holly also just dropped this one with Nonsens which is a great complimentary track. If "Every Night" is the party, "2 Kill a Stage is the lama in the living room with an upside down solo cup on its head after you wake up from passing out on the floor. Yup!

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"2 Kill a Stage" - Nonsens and Holly 

See above.

"Head (Drug Money Remix)" - Drug Money

Because we all need some more feminism in our lives… And Drug Money.

 "No Time" - Herobust and LAXX (Never Say Die Records)

I really can't slow this playlist down. We're on song 9 here and lo and behold, Herobust. Clever sound design really gives this one some character. 

"Tonight (High Klassified Remix)" - Black Atlass

Finally getting past the witching hour and into some darker depths. High Klassified puts the moves on this tune from Black Atlass and lays them on thick. 

"Ice" ft. Karra - JACKAL

As misty as Karra's vocals are, "Ice" could easily have been a non-essential track, but then it departs to places unknown and weaves it's way to something far more memorable. 

This week's trap playlist in full:

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