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Worthy gets us hyped for the new year with tour announcement

The tour begins in January and extends until March.

Worthy has announced that he is going to go on the “One-on-One” tour next month, a tour that will see host to a flock of special guests joining him on different dates across North America and span from his performance on Holy Ship all the way to Miami Music Week. From Thugfucker to J Phlip to Kill Frenzy, the tour is filled to the brim with great times sure to come ahead.  

Take a look at the dates, and more information can be found via his homepage

Tour Dates:

1/13- Good Room, Brooklyn (w/ Rodriguez Jr. *live*)

1/14 - The Masque, Dayton (w/ Stanton Warriors)

1/15 - Dragon's Den, New Orleans (w/ Unicorn Fukr)

1/20 - The Mid, Chicago (w/ Ardalan)

1/21 - Touch, Cleveland (w/ Sepehr)

 1/26 - Necto, Ann Arbor (w/ Golf Clap)

1/27 - Coda, Philadelphia (w/ Oliver Dollar)

1/28 - 1UP, Reno (w/ Thee Cool Cats)

2/1 - Techyes, Tallahassee (w/ Walker & Royce)

2/2 – Gold Room, Gainesville (w/ Kevin Knapp)

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2/4 - U Street Music Hall, Washington, DC (w/ Option4)

2/9 - Q, Seattle (w/ Kill Frenzy)

2/10 - Kingdom, Austin (w/ Christian Martin)

2/11 – 301, El Paso (Gina Turner)

2/17 - SITE1A, Milwaukee (w/ Mia Wallace)

2/23 - HiFi, Calgary (w/ Smalltown DJs)

2/24 - Verso, San Francisco (w/ Lisbona Sisters)

2/25 - Vinyl, Denver (w/ Thugfucker)

3/2 - Therapy, Salt Lake City (w/ Justin Martin)

3/3 – 99ten, Edmonton (w/ Billy Kenny)

3/4 - 45 East, Portland (w/ J.Phlip)

3/10 - Wonder Bar, Boston (w/ Lux Groove)

3/11- Treehouse, Miami (w/ Mark Starr)


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