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9 Indie Bands For Electronic Music Fans to Watch For in 2017!

Featuring Nimmo, Let's Eat Grandma, Jungle, and more!
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Electronic music appeared to be a revolution similar to the emergence of rock’n’roll in the middle of the twentieth century. The invention of analogue synthesizers opened a new dimension of sound and made pop music more diverse. With time elements of electronic music became present within many genres. Its ability to be combined with almost every style of music led to the creation of completely new genres based on a mixture of live sound with electronics. At first, this seemed to be weird, but today such tendency looks and sounds quite normal, as the evolution of pop music goes on. Old bands and performers create new albums and blend their style with modern innovations, but electronic underground lives on and tons of indie bands still keep emerging these days. The variety of sounds electronic music can offer today is wider than it was in the past. Term “electronic” can be applied to plenty of genres: from lightweight ambient and dream-pop to abrasive power electronics and EBM. So, here are some promising electronic bands of today that are “must hear” for everyone who has a passion for synth music.



Nimmo is a five piece band based in London that is led by Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett. Their style can be defined as melancholic synth pop with dark sound textures. Their debut album Dilute This shows a really strong influence of the 80s electronic music and is reminiscent of bands like Clan of Xymox, Tears For Fears and Talking Heads. The band’s sound is based on using analogue synthesizers’ effects that are done in a somewhat minimalistic, yet groovy and pulsating way. This trend becomes more and more popular these days, so be sure that we will certainly hear about Nimmo in the future.

Years & Years


Years & Years is an indie pop trio from London that manages to combine electro-pop with elements of house music and R’n’B. Their sound is somewhat minimalistic with catchy melodies and Olly Alexander's tender vocal work. The band uses analogue synthesizers and has a tendency to utilize sound that was really popular in the eighties in the vein of Gary Numan albums. Their music is characterized by simple danceability, and it perfectly fits powerful live performances. So don’t miss a chance to see a band that is considered to be the new leaders of contemporary electro-pop scene.



Jungle is a neo-soul collective from London started by Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson. Jungle brings back the mood and groove of early funk music. The band is well known for their dance performances and music videos that feature brilliant hip-hop dancers. Their music bears heritage of such performers as Parliament and James Brown. The band’s music is also widely known among hip-hop music fans. Jungle music is used in various dance performances worldwide. More than that, the band became quite famous after their songs were played in different television series, such as “Queen Sugar.”

Let's Eat Grandma


Let's Eat Grandma is a duo from Norwich, founded in 2013. Their music is considered to be quite experimental. They manage to combine such genres as ethereal, psychedelic indie and art pop. Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth create soundscapes that are obviously entering the territory of modern post-rock, and dream pop. Reverberated ambience of synth sound remind works of Bjork, This Will Destroy You, Portishead, Freur, and Sigur Ros. The band is definitely a bright newcomer to the British indie electronic scene as they have all the potential to become popular among both dream pop and post-rock scene.


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2814 is a project that is becoming highly influential in the modern vaporwave genre. The sound of 2814’s music tends to take all the best from 80s movie soundtracks. Their music can be characterized by a highly frequent use of samples and old school synth sound. 2814 create music that could become a very organic soundtrack for a neo-noir film. The dreamy atmosphere that is present in their music make 2814 a perfect band for those who really appreciate ambient soundscapes and atmospheric electronic music.

Fear Of Men

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Fear Of Men is a band from Brighton that plays dream-pop/shoegaze music that is accompanied by beautiful vocals of Jess Weiss. The band’s music is obviously influenced by such legend of shoegaze as Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. Fear Of Men manages to combine the classic rock instrumentation with electronic effects, which can be heard on their second album Fall Forever, released in 2016. The band’s sound is quite melancholic and generally fits the frames of classic shoegaze style. The fact that a band intertwines electronic sound to their music makes fear Of Men one of the most promising bands within British dream-pop scene.

GoGo Penguin

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 9.57.15 AM.png

GoGo Penguin is a band from Manchester that can hardly be categorized. The band’s sound is an extremely extraordinary mix of jazz, trip hop and electronic music. GoGo Penguin mostly plays instrumental music with an abundance of break-beats and catchy melodies, together with groovy bass lines. If one imagines late Anathema playing instrumental trip-hop live, this will be the best description of GoGo Penguin’s music. It is important to mention that their music has a lot to do with academics because their sound is highly influenced by classical music and jazz. In other words, GoGo Penguin is a band that take contemporary jazz beyond its usual borders.



Hælos is another band within the electro-pop movement that revives traditions of nineties electronic music. The band's style is often referred to as house music in the vein of such bands as Late Night Alumni. Their sound is quite repetitive which adds a somewhat hypnotic effect. The London-based trio has all the possibilities to become the leaders of the UK indie house scene as their latest LP Full Circle gathered highly positive reviews from the critics who really praised great vocal work on the album. Such songs as ‘’Pray” and “Dust” became highly rotated songs for fans of house music.


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 9.58.35 AM.png

Raime is a duo based in London. Raime is a band that can offer modern fans of electronic music more than any other contemporary experimental band. Members of Raime create music that can hardly be labeled. It combines elements of electronic, jungle, drone, noise, as well as dub and early industrial music. Raime is obviously influenced by such bands as Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Coil. There are not many bands today that can create such a mystic and meditative sound as Raime do. Their new album Tooth can only be compared to the latest works of Sutcliffe Jügend due to heavy use of string arrangements and the atmosphere that reminds of Silent Hill game soundtracks. In case you are really into dark and innovative experimental electronic music, check out Raime's latest album, and you certainly won’t regret that.

Written by Mike Rotts. 

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