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Review: Xone: PX5

We review Allen & Heath's latest DJ mixer, and challenger to the DJM

When it comes to DJ booths, Pioneer Dj is king. With their DJM-900 mixer being the standard for events and clubs around the world, it's easy to see why many artists stick with the trusty mixer. But while Pioneer may have abundance, the DJ department at Allen & Heath have dedication. Most of the techno and house scene prefer their mixers, with products like the legendary Xone: 92 giving precise control over their sets. One thing lacking on the 92 however, is effects, which the 900 has. But what if you could combine the beefy analog sound of the Allen & Heath, with the fx of the Pioneer?

Enter the Xone: PX5, Allen & Heath's newest DJ mixer. 100% analog, with built-in studio-grade effects. With the release of the 4+1 channel mixer, Xone has taken a direct aim at Pioneer's grip on the DJ booth. After finally getting my hands on one and putting it through the ringer, we proudly present our review of this fantastic piece of gear. 

As stated in the video, below is a playlist from Allen & Heath, showcasing all of the fx this mixer has:

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For more information, visit the Xone website here.

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