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Are Modular Synths The Next Big Thing?

NAMM 2017 was boiling over with Modular Synths this year, this might just be a trend
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Modular Synth Spaghetti

Modular Spaghetti by Jonathan Keith 

What's old is new again, literally. NAMM 2017 was proof that the modular synth world is back in a big way. So much so that that the trade show had to expand the area to the main hall because there were so many companies in the space this year. 

Old school artists have been into these for years but due to the advancement of Digital Audio Workstations and plugins the modular synth seemed destined for extinction. 

A recent renaissance in the use of modular synths lead by guys like deadmau5 has brought this messy little magical machines back into the limelight. So much so that we have seen a huge push from brands like Roland, Korg and Pioneer all vying for a piece of the synth action. 

With DJ/Electronic music live performances needing a massive reboot due to "same show bullshit LED fatigue" the timing seems perfect. DAWS like Bitwig are even building in modular synth integration (see video below).

Magnetic's senior gear editor Kane Michael caught up with some cool brands leading the way in the indie mod world. 

We are obsessed, so you'll be seeing a lot more coverage on the mod world coming soon. 

Bird Kids Modular Synths 

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