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Are you Ready for a Mad Decent 2017 with Diplo?

Diplo and crew are getting fired up for an amazing 2017
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Mad Decent Block Party Lineup FTW

Mad Decent Block Party 

Thomas Wesley Pentz – aka Diplo – is undoubtedly an extremely talented and often controversial dude. He is of course best known for producing and writing a huge number of hits in his own right and with Major Lazer, as well as in collaboration with artists as diverse as Justin Bieber and Madonna. From baile funk to instant pop classics to dirty break beats, this guy runs the gamut. 

However, this is only really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his impressive and ambitious musical empire, which is fundamentally based around the Mad Decent record label. As you’d expect from the man, the label has now grown from simply being a roster of artists to a global brand complete with its very own hugely popular festivals.

Mad Decent Block Party

The Mad Decent Block Party has been taking place in the US for a number of years now, providing Diplo and his record label with an ideal opportunity to showcase all of its acts and other choice selections of DJs. Since launching in 2008, it has grown massively with last year’s dates taking in Fort Lauderdale, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Kansa City to name just a few stops on the tour. Expectations are that this year’s dates will once again take the festival, which has become a key part of the EDM scene in the US, to another level.

Take to the sea

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However, what happens when land-based gigs are simply not enough anymore? Well, if you’re Mad Decent, you organise a cruise.

The label hosted its first Mad Decent Boat Party in 2014 and it has run every year since. Based on a cruise ship – the Norwegian Pearl hosted the 2015 event – passengers not only get to enjoy amazing shows but also everything else a break on such a vessel has to offer. That means luxury spa services, casinos and swimming pools among other things.

With tickets being fairly pricey for last year’s event though, most of us may just have to make do with a DIY Mad Decent Boat Party: inviting some friends around, hiring a hot tub, playing a Soundcloud mix by Dillon Francis to get close to recreating the experience. Don’t forget to read up on our past Mad Decent Boat Party features to see what you're getting yourself into.

Going international?

What is this year’s plan to take Mad Decent and its festivals to a whole new level? Well, at this moment details are sketchy with nothing currently available on what is happening regarding tour dates or the Boat Party. However, plans were announced late last year to take the festivals out of the US and into other countries.

This first happened last year when dates were held in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru in India, with the events proving a huge success. The plan for 2017 was to host a Mad Decent Beach Party in Mexico across the weekend of February 16. However, excited ravers were left a little deflated when a statement released in October confirmed the event had been cancelled, following concerns from organisers about being unable to “host the weekend in the exact style we are accustomed”.

While this has been a bump in the road for Diplo’s empire, the scope and size of the operation means there is no stopping the huge momentum building around this massive music industry machine. No doubt plans are already afoot for further international events which will build on the major success of the Mad Decent Block, Boat and Beach Parties. Whatever the future holds, you’d be insane not to get involved and experience it for yourself – even if that means simulating the experience with a casino from this Canadian site while searching YouTube and Soundcloud for that perfect Mad Decent party mix.

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