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Audien Talks The Realities of Being on the Road and What He Listens to in his Downtime

Also win a pair of tickets to his Detroit show on February 17th.
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Audien is well on his way to being a seasoned veteran in the electronic music scene. That doesn't mean that the realities of tour are all that sweet though, and we talk to him about the highs and lows of travel, what he's listening to when he's looking to chill out, and how he continues to stay inspired. 

We're also giving away a pair of tickets to his Detroit show at the Annex on February 17th! Email with your favorite Audien track. We'll have winners announced on February 14th. 

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Touring can be rigorous. Do you have any rituals during the tour that help you stay balanced or do you just go hard all the way and sleep it off when you are done?

It's rough and disorienting for sure, but I'm used to it. I generally try to eat lightly and avoid partying hard. I want to give each show all of my energy and emotion, because anyone buying a ticket to see me deserves my A-game.  

What are some of your favorite spots to hit in the US?

Each market has a different flavor and also a different meaning for me. Boston, for example, is special because I grew up in New England. It feels like a hometown show even though I live in LA now. New York is probably the place that launched my career and my team is based there so I'm always excited to be back. San Francisco is another winner for me - I have amazing fans in the Bay Area. My upcoming show sold out there within minutes - I know it's going to be a moment to remember.  

Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in several states, what are your thoughts on that. Are you an advocate or a no comment? 

Not my thing but if you're happy, I'm happy.

What keeps you inspired on the road? Do you listen to podcasts, read, see any sites?

I get a lot of production done on the road so I enjoy being a recluse in the hotel and making music in an environment where I can't be disturbed. On flights I also enjoy catching up on TV shows. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a perennial favorite - Louie as well. I hear Curb is coming back this year and I'm psyched.

Last but not least tell us a little bit about the tracks that you’ve chosen for your Downtime Playlist, why did they make the cut?

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I put together a playlist that I think accurately reflects the diversity of my taste. On the pop side I think Ryan Tedder is a brilliant writer. The new Ed Sheeran is incredibly refreshing - and of course Bruno may be the single best entertainer in music right now. I also listen to a ton of hip hop and Drake is a fave. My influences are diverse on the electronic side. Porter and Madeon are friends who I truly admire and Shelter really cut through the noise for me this year (not to mention their live show was sick - I was happy to play with them in Portland). Above and Beyond have championed me for years and they are generous in every way. And yes, I put one of my own record on the list but that's because the remixer, Niko The Kid, is one of my favorite up and coming producers right now. 



1. Kids - One Republic

2. Ms Jackson - Party Pupils

3. On a Good Day - Above and Beyond

4. Shelter - Porter Robinson X Madeon

5. Burn You Tonight - Gammer

6. 24k Magic - Bruno Mars

7. Right Hand - Drake

8. Crazy Love - Audien (Niko the Kid Remix)

9. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

10. Sigma ft Birdy - Find Me

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