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Bridge & Burn Announces New PDX Fashion Collab With Kiriko

Fashion-forward silhouettes and daring Japanese fabric come together in their new collection.
Men and women B&B x Kiriko

Combining the best of two worlds, Portland and Japan come together under the new collection by Kiriko and Bridge and Burn. The collection came to life when the two brand owners- Erik Prowell and Katsu Tanaka respectively- asked each other, "what is the best of your brand?" With that came the decisions to create a line that incorporated more fashion-forward silhouettes and daring Japanese fabric with texture choices including the Mikawa heritage cotton; Sashi-ori, the fabric used in Kendo and Judo uniforms to act as woven armor; Kasuri-ori, a Japanese weave technique similar to Ikat; Indigo, the popular natural dye used in Japanese cottons; and Sashiko, a decorative stitch that literally translates to “tiny stabs.

Take a look at the collection below. It is available on February 2nd exclusively on their homepages here and here. Sign up for Bridge and Brun's newsletter here for updates! 

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