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Daft Punk Announce First Performance of 2017

If you weren't planning on watching the Grammy's before, you definitely are now.

Daft Punk are returning to the Grammy stage, according to a new article out via Pitchfork, which explains that the French duo will be performing with The Weeknd on their hit "Starboy." 

This will be the first time the duo have been seen in a while. They last hit the stage in 2014 with Pharrell and Nile Rogers and Stevie Wonder at which time they won both a Grammy Award for Album of the Year and for Record of the Year. 

Rumors swirled that a tour would be in place this year for the duo, but reports of that have been quietly shut down. With these two though, things are always a surprise. 

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The Grammys will be hosted on February 12th at the Staples Center and streamed via CBS. Check out their 2014 performance below. 

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