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Don't Throw Old Weed Away by Using These Tips to Bring Life Back To Your Stash

Citrus peels, cotton balls, and more can revive old marijuana.

Merry Jane has recently unveiled ways to revive life into dry weed. Whether a little too much was purchased or perhaps an old weed was discovered, there are ways to bring moisture back to the old stash! 

The first recommendation is with a moist cotton ball or a q-tip, place your old stash in some tupperware (they recommend glass Pyrex if possible), and place a damp cotton ball into the tupperware, without touching the dry weed. Be weary of over-moisturizing though, which can cause marijuana to grow mold!

They also recommend some citrus peel (lemon or orange in particular) inside the canister to revive old cannabis, and they note that this works the best for weed strains with a citrus taste or the "sour" strains (the Merry Jane team cite Agent Orange, Lemon Haze, or Tangerine Dream for citrusy strains, and Sour Diesel, Sour Kush, Sour OG for sour strains). 

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The most effective method is mentioned as a piece of fresh lettuce, noting it can be as fast as a couple of hours! 

Other tips include picking an airtight jar in case this happens again or a product like The Cannador. With technology in cannabis better than ever, combined with some old tricks, there's never a reason to give up on old weed again! 

Check out more information here, via Merry Jane. 

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