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Exclusive Podcast: The BPM Festival Podcast 067 - OXIA

Oxia completes the 12 days of podcasts series for The BPM Festival 2017

Dance music freaks are entering their tenth year of nearly forgoing Christmas for The BPM Festival and it's organizers are well aware of this sacrifice because this year they are giving back twelve daily gifts in the form of twelve podcasts leading up to the ten day soiree.

Veterans like Butch and Victor Calderone have already had their turn on the podcast and rising stars like Yotto and Secondcity have already had  a spin this year as well but for the 12th and final podcast in the series, the controls get returned to another veteran for whom we have the exclusive podcast premiere for. The prolific Frenchman known to most as OXIA.

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You can catch OXIA at the FORM Music showcase on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at La Santanera. Tickets available over at Eventbrite


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