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If you thought of bingo ten years ago, chances are you'd be picturing your grandma in a hall full of her pals, all of who probably have the same blue rinse she does (and not even in that trendy way we all have in 2016). Oh GOD, kill us now. Fast forward a decade, and things are rapidly changing, and the industry has transformed on itself. It’s actually heading into the entertainment industry. Weird right?

You can't go anywhere without seeing bingo these days, it's all over the Internet (and let's face it, that's where we spend most of our days). Whenever you log on, you can access tons of games at your very fingertips, and these have been super modernised as well. The fact is, tons of young people are online, so it makes sense that even the online bingo sites would cater to our tastes. Case in point, head onto William Hill bingo and you will find themed bingo rooms and even an interactive Twitter account to make it easy to get involved. Stick a hashtag on it, and we’re sold.

What about real life, though? If you're playing the game in the shadows on your iPhone, and you're a typical twenty-something, can you emerge and tell everyone your new secret? Good news, because the answer is a definite and resounding YES. Not only is bingo becoming more socially acceptable, it's actually managed to take a stronghold in the entertainment industry.

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Heard of Bongo's Bingo? If you haven't yet, you soon will! Starting out in Liverpool as the brainchild of host Johnny Bongo, it's now expanded to several cities across the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcasle, and we doubt it will stop there. It's not exactly like it's taking over boring little towns; this is a fun phenomenon that's absolutely sweeping some of our most vibrant cities! As Time Out puts it, you can expect "rave intervals, piñatas, dance offs and general drunken hijinks", so these regular events have got all the makings of your typical clubnight, only you're throwing bingo into the mix, too. There's even a bingo panto this year - Bingo and the Beanstalk - and the company is just going from strength to strength. They've even had guest DJ performances featuring everyone from the Vengaboys to the Hoff. You can definitely see the fun-loving retro crowd that they're catering for – and we don’t blame you for joining them!


Bongo's Bingo aren't the only ones making nightlife a little more varied. Over in the capital, you can experience London's very own take on the vintage game. There's Musical Bingo - where you tick off the songs played over the system instead of numbers - and also Indie Bingo, in the same vein, but with all your favourite alternative anthems on the proverbial jukebox. Don't forget Rebel Bingo, which is bringing its very own version of a dance party, bringing everyone from the social rejects to the life of the party for some genuine fun and one shared cause.

It seems honestly like the ultimate chance to escape the monotony of your typical boring nights down the pub or local club. Ever feel like all your nights start to kind of blur into one? With this lot, there's fat chance of that!

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