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Get a Look at Berghain's Panorama Bar Via Ricardo Villalobos German Documentary

Capturing 24 hours in his life, we see snapshots of Berghain's Panorama Bar.
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It's hard for people who have never been to Berghain to imagine what the space looks like. Cameras are strictly forbidden, and that's if you even manage to get into the notoriously difficult club. Who's allowed into the area is still up to the decision-makers at the door- most likely the infamous security leader Sven Marquardt and his small team- and people don't dare to cross their wrath by taking photos of the area. 

With that being said Ricardo Villalobos has some footage of him playing in Berghain's Panorama Bar, and while it's not an expansive look at the event space or crowd, so there's not too many pointers for how to get into the club just from the doc alone. It's also in German, which doesn't make this the easiest listen for non-speakers, but it is something. Check it out above. 

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