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Go Back to 80's era Dance Music With This New Documentary on Acid House

New Documentary, 'They Call It Acid,' Takes a Look At Dance Music With Legendary DJ's Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, and More.
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A new documentary, called They Call It Acid, explores acid house with exclusive interviews with the likes of Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Derrick May, and more. The new film, directed by Gordon Mason, explores previously unseen footage and took 14 years to complete. 

Explaining that he was able to get full access because he was never part of the press, he details never before seen footage and neatly compiles it into work that looks into a massive formative time in dance music. 

Mason explains in a full statement below- 

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“Every generation enjoys their formative years, I was lucky, I was 21 in 1988, old enough to have my freedom and young enough to enjoy the time of my life. Acid House was a culture that I naturally evolved into, in the mid 80s I was a part time DJ and full time Film Editor, I knew some of the first promoters and DJs, but I’m glad to say that I attended many of the first Acid House parties as a punter in the scene, not behind the scenes, being able to share that euphoric experience of dancing all night to House Music at an illegal party, a freedom which was at the time indescribable. Many of these new best friends I met week after week, especially when the scene was in its beginnings and not too many people knew about it. On occasion, with a VIP pass from the promoter, as a film-maker I was able to observe and record this new scene for posterity. I was never considered part of the media who were turned away from Acid House parties, but as a fellow party-goer that people felt at ease with when I had my Super 8mm camera or professional video camcorder borrowed from work.

As a film lover and having worked with top end television documentaries as an Editor and Producer / Director for the last 25 years, it felt right that I should use this medium to put together what I believed would be an important social document of that era. By looking up some of my old friends and making new contacts with nearly all the Acid House pioneers and creators of all those seminal House Music anthems, I was able to embark on an enjoyable journey assembling the film and the archive shot by some of my contemporaries into what is a very entertaining, sometimes funny and universal story that can be experienced by all. The Police and Politicians were very interesting to talk to, 25 years on, talking openly and revealing a side to the story that I was unaware of at the time.

As Acid House was the roots of the Rave scene which has spread worldwide I hope THEY CALL IT ACID will be seen by many people of all generations in many countries and enjoyed both as a film with a gripping storyline and as a document of a time that was very special to me and all my fellow party-goers of 88 and 89. I hope it will be as relevant in 50 or 100 years’ time as it is now”.

Check out the trailer below. There is yet to be a release date as it is currently securing funding for its release. 

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