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Go Behind The Scenes With Trentemøller's Amazing New Stage Design

With the Fixion tour underway, Trentemøller gives us a look into how their new stage came to be.

When a large-scale artist or band embarks on a new album tour, chances are they have a newly designed stage that comes along. Prydz has his Epic setup, Amon Tobin and ISAM, Daft Punk with their pyramid and so forth. And while these massive stage designs are epic sights to behold, not every artist or group chooses to create stadium-sized spectacles. 

Trentemøller live in Brussels

Trentemøller live in Brussels

Case in point, Trentemøller's Fixion stage: Three simple light-up metal structures. Andreas Emenius, the stage's designer says simply, "There is not one idea behind the whole thing. It's more an atmosphere or a feeling around some of these structures." He goes on to say that the stage is meant to support the music, not overtake it, which can easily happen when you have something as massive as Deadmau5's cube, or Prydz hologram. Now that's not to say that those two examples are not well executed, as they are more or less just as important to the show as the music is. But, in this context, Trentemøller is more focused on delivering a killer musical performance than melting your retinas with lasers. In the video below, we get a look at the thought process of designing the stage, as well as the fabrication techniques. 

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'Fixion' from Trentemøller is out now.

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