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Interview: Chus & Ceballos Talk All Things Travel Ahead Of Groove Cruise Miami

The Spanish Duo Open Up About The Reality Of Constantly Traveling.
Chus & Ceballos 

Chus & Ceballos 

Madrid born techno/house legends and pioneers of the Iberican sound, Chus & Ceballos are gearing up for not just one, but two performances on board Groove Cruise Miami this month from the 23rd to the 27th, sailing on the Carnival Victory to the picturesque island of Grand Turk. I recently caught up with the duo to chat about Groove Cruise and all things travel! 

Magnetic: You both got your start in electronic music in Madrid at very young ages. How much have things changed for each of you since then?

C&C: Oh man, that was awhile ago lol. Well, we can say that we were pioneers in our hometown Madrid at that time. Who would have ever thought that we would be making our passion for music as a way of living! All these years of hard work and traveling made us citizens of the world, having a global vision not only of the scene but of life in general. We feel blessed that we made it, having in mind how competitive this world is these days. But the good thing is that we are still so excited like the first day, since day one we both share the same passion and values for music and this remains unchanged. Through all these years we’ve created a movement and an artist community around us, that’s why we’ve come a long way with our label- Stereo Productions. We are just a little bit older, that's all!!!

Magnetic: What's it like traveling majority of the year now performing internationally?

C&C: To perform internationally is the best reward for an artist, it's a dream come true. We are able to visit the best cities in the world, to experience other cultures, to meet amazing people and perform at the best clubs around the globe. It's a priceless life changing experience but it's also very hard. The worst part is the travel indeed. To be abroad, far from home and your family, living between hotels and airports most of the time with no time for anything but work, is without a doubt the hardest part of our lives.

Magnetic: When you're traveling, what do you miss most about Madrid?

C&C: Well, we are proud Spaniards. We love our food, nice weather, quality life values, siestas, beautiful landscapes, historic heritage, and especially the people. Madrid people are warm and fun, experts in welcoming everyone, and they love FIESTAS!!!

Magnetic: What are the top locations you've performed at over the years?

C&C: We are very fortunate, there are so many amazing locations worldwide but without a doubt, the US and Canada are our favorite destinations. Also key cities like New York, Miami, Montreal, Toronto and lately San Francisco and Los Angeles. We also love to play in South America, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, and México. In the summer season, Ibiza is obviously the center of the scene but we also love to play in our little Paradise called Portugal, Algarve has always been a second home. Also can’t forget other countries like Italy, Greece or Bulgaria to name a few. Asia is always a very exotic destination, where Tokyo and Singapore are our favorite cities.

Magnetic: Where are your favorite destinations on earth?

Chus: Portugal is my favorite country in the world! I have many good reasons for this, my wife is from Portugal and my daughter was born there. My best friends are also there, so Portugal is for sure the place where I will spend the last days of my life.

Ceballos: I'm always rediscovering my lovely Spain, and I really like California where I live now, with that perfect blend of sun, mountain, beach and desert. If I want tropical weather Cuba is my favorite. The adventure feeling, the people and the heritage of the country is amazing apart of the beaches.

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Crystal: Since you guys are now Groove Cruise vets and you'll be performing on Groove Cruise Miami this month, do you have any tips for GC newbies?

C&C: Groove Cruise is a very welcoming place for newbies, everybody is super nice and helpful. The tip is to try to interact with other people as much as you can, there is so many different personalities and characters on the boat lol. Try to go to as many parties as possible and don’t worry if you don’t get much sleep, you will sleep when you get home. You may probably you may need a vacation from the vacation afterwards..LOL. Regarding logistics- don’t forget to bring some warm clothes, the boat gets chilly at night sometimes and some pharma supplies in case that the boat shakes a bit too much and you get sick.

Magnetic: What are you most looking forward to on Groove Cruise Miami?

C&C: We are beyond excited to perform during two different parties on board and it’s always nice to disconnect for a few days from the outside world. So it’s a perfect balance of work, fun and chill.

Magnetic: Is there any particular place you guys are excited to perform this year?

C&C: We’re looking forward to The BPM Festival and the Stereo Showcase in Playa del Carmen Mexico, and right after that Miami Music Week in March. We’ll also be performing for the very first time at Tomorrowland in Belgium in the summer, and a few more important label showcases in different cities around the world.

Magnetic: Your compilation "Playa Del Carmen" was just released. Can you tell us more about it and where the name comes from?

C&C: Playa del Carmen is the official Stereo Productions release for the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s always the first compilation of the year and one of the most important for us with many goodies from some of the top producers in the world ready to rock under the sun of the Mayan Riviera.

Magnetic: Anything else you would like to share with Magnetic readers?

C&C: We are very excited for 2017, it’s going to be a great year for all of us! We just want to say thanks to all our fans for giving us continuous inspiration that has allowed us to do what we like the most with endless passion.

Magnetic: Awesome, looking forward to it! See you guys on board soon :)

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