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Interview: Cozzy D is ready to take on 2017

His latest '809 EP' is out now.

We recently premiered Cozzy D's track "Chicago Everywhere," the stunning house piece that gave credit to one of dance music's most important historical spots. 

We recently sat down with the talented producer and DJ to learn more about his music, his determination, and his upcoming 2017! 

Hi Cozzy D, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. We recently premiered your fantastic track, Chicago Everywhere, but for those that haven't had a chance quite yet to check it out, how would you describe it? 

Hi guys, thanks for having me and for the kind words. It's basically my homage to Chicago House, which has always been a big inspiration for me - cheeky, bouncy warehouse vibes.

You've been in the music world for a minute now. How do you keep yourself motivated through the difficulties the industry side can cause as you continue to travel, DJ, and create music? 

I've never felt so passionate about anything else in life as I do with music. It's always the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing when I go to bed. I love to immerse myself in all aspects the music industry has to offer whether it's producing, throwing parties, running a label or my favourite of all DJing. Nothing beats that feeling of seeing smiling happy faces on the dancefloor and knowing that people are into what you're doing. It's those special moments that make it all worthwhile :)

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You've been hailed for your underground audience and praised by others DJs as well, but who are some of your favorite musicians and artists? What would we be surprised to know you listen to? 

Wow so many I could talk about here, over the years the likes of Masters at Work, Todd Terry, Armando, Gemini, Harry Choo Choo Romero, X-Press 2, Bicep, Phil Weeks, Skylark, Mr G, Tuff City Kids, Robert Hood, Riva Starr, Radio Slave have all been Producers I've been inspired by and who's tracks I regularly play or enjoy listening too. In recent times I've been very impressed by Butch & Emmanuel Satie who are churning out tune after tune right now.

Away from House Music I enjoy listening to Giles Peterson's show on BBC Radio 6, his eclectic music knowledge is insane and he has impeccable taste so it's always really refreshing to hear. I'm also a real sucker for 80's electro and 90's Indie / Rock Bands. 

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2017? 

Kicking off in 2017 I have a remix for Joeski coming out on Material. Following that will be something from myself on Lower East which will mark the 50th release on the label. We are in the process of planning a party in London to celebrate this. I can't say too much else about this right now but it's going to be very special that's for sure. I'm also working on a few collaborations with Pete Dorling, Timmy P & GW Harrison from Abode so look out for those and also a bunch more solo releases. 

2017 is already shaping up to be a busy year for me release wise, so watch this space!

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