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Warung has become a kind of institution in Brazil- their night club get some of the most in-demand DJs in the world, and their label is home to the likes of Gui Borrato, Danny Daze and more recently, Fancy Inc!

We are glad to introduce the new duo hailing from Brazil. Adriano & Matteo have been flirting with the charts since they started their Fancy Inc moniker, and we sat down with them to talk about their new EP on Warung Records, their close relationship with Sonic Future, and some exciting upcoming tours…

“It’s all about love” is out now on Warung Records and it’s a great vibe! How were you approached by Warung to make this EP?

First off, the approach happened with Ricardo Albuquerque, owner of Radiola Records and DJ resident of Warung Club. He met us through the track Down To This (Clarisse Records) and since then we have been strengthening the friendship until the invitation came to release an EP on Radiola Records and soon after the opportunity to produce something especially for Warung Recordings.

Your music has been spreading on great labels this year…from Go Deeva, Clarisse, Incorrect and more…What were the key moments for you musically in 2016?

Certainly, the EP on Clarisse Records was a watershed for us, since then we received invitations to release music on labels that we always admire and we did not imagine releasing so early. We had the opportunity to release music in 2016 with labels like Criminal Hype, Be One, Witty Tunes, Incorrect, Radiola, Go Deeva, Lost Records … to name but a few.

What kind of relationship do you guys have with Cumac, your booking agency?

Cumac is like a family to us, we have a daily relationship with the agency, they are always thinking ahead and advising us to achieve the best results. They manage our bookings and our releases on labels worldwide. We just have to thank them for believing in our work since the beginning.

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“Hazy Verses” is a beautiful song. What is the process for making a track with someone like Sonic Future?

In 2015 we made an EP with Cesar of Sonic Future called Hotspot, released on Zero Eleven records. As we live in the same city, we have a very strong friendship. For Hazy Verses, Cesar had the main theme with a more techno base, so he sent it to us to try something more tech house. Luckily we managed to reach this sonority without losing the characteristic of both projects.

Is there someone you are a dreaming of working with in the studio?

Yes, for us it would be a dream to be in the studio with guys like Prok & Fitch or Jay Lumen!

Any big plans for 2017?

Yes, a lot of big label invitations for 2017. We're working hard to deliver them. Some tours are already scheduled for the first semester and possibly we will move to Europe in the second semester!

Written by Emeric Dally. 

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