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Interview: From Aliens to Donald Trump, Nothing is Stopping Mobo the Great

Her latest album, 'Fuck the Public,' is out now.
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Mobo the Great has been changing the game through her lyrical rap styles, and she's released Fuck the Public today, just in time for the inauguration and the changing times ahead. With that in mind, we sat down with the Chicago/NY based artist to learn more. 

Hey Mobo, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You're releasing a new album called Fuck The Public. What or who in the public is that directed towards specifically? It's a pretty aggressive title, does the music in it reflect the attitude it exudes? 

Thank you so much for reaching out. I truly appreciate it. I named my project "Fuck The Public" because it was a reflection of how I was feeling at a certain point of time in my life. I was making a ton of great music that I felt was overlooked due to politics, because I didn't have enough followers. Because I wasn't as big as some of the other artists, all of the things that besides great music really doesn't matter but in this industry does which I felt it was unfair so "FTP" became my mindset. Almost a rebellion. It was my way of saying, "you don't want to fuck with me? Fuck you then. I know I'm great and soon enough you'll see." It was also a stab at double standards women face. As a woman, I'm expected to over sexualize myself and have bubble game raps which I do neither of. Im not here to sell sex. I'm here to sell music so it was my way of saying, "fuck what society says, fuck the norm, go against everything that's expected of you and show the world why you're more than the typical." I believe the music is really reflective of that attitude because in the project I speak on those controversies. If you listen to records such as, "Boyz Inna Hood," or even "All For You," I speak on certain injustices I've had to face and how I've prevailed from those situations. 

You've released a lot of different styles of hip hop tracks, for those that haven't had a chance to check out the record yet, what can listeners expect from the record? 

Listeners can expect a cohesive body of work that speaks on various topics most people will face, if they haven't already, on the journey to success or being great in general. From losing friends, to sacrificing your time with your family, to those already in a position of authority treating you as if you're inadequate because you may not be at that same level, to just wanting to become something, whatever that may be. The project is very relatable because it's not always easy even though it is always worth it. 

We also got word that you're interested in aliens. What prompted the interest? What do you believe about them, and do you think in our lifetimes we'll have confirmation about intelligent life out there? 

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I became interested in aliens when I became interested in our own existence. Although I consider myself to be spiritual, we can't say with 100% certainty how we got here and that itself is mind boggling to me. Sure we have theories and different religions but most of those are based only off faith and not facts. If I don't know with 100% certainty how I got here, how can I be so naive to think we're the only ones? Why should that be dismissed? There are so many other planets in the universe that it's almost selfish to believe earth is the only one functioning. People have this stereotype of aliens that has almost been commercialized. You have the green figure with a large head and even larger eyes when really the definition of a alien is just someone who isn't from here. We could be living amongst aliens right now and wouldn't know so to be dismissive of all the possibilities when we're still unsure of our own existence is weird to me and very intriguing. I don't think in our lifetime we'll have confirmation publicly although I believe the government may be aware already but that may not be a bad thing. People are scared of the unfamiliar. If the higher ups informed us of aliens, it may cause a frenzy so I feel for our own sake, some things are better left protected. 

Along with that, you've gotten increasingly aware and vocal about some of the things that are happening to us as a society, and especially with the transfer of President Obama to trump happening this month, things are a little crazier than ever. Do you have any words of hope or encouragement for those that are feeling a little angsty about the upcoming four years? 

The president is in charge of this country, not my mind. Not my actions and certainly not my beliefs. It's sad to see people so divided but I put my faith in myself before any other man, whether that's the president or the man across the street. I'm so ambitious and dedicated that regardless of who's running this country because no one is running me personally I still have full control and free will to work hard and receive whatever it is I'm desiring. With that being said, my advice to those angsty is to not only continue spreading love but to remember, we are in charge of all own destinies and when you truly believe that, no one can stop you from achieving whatever it is you're looking to achieve. 

To go along with that, besides the federal government, for those that want to tackle issues within their community, what are the biggest challenges, how can we strive to be better, and what are things people in the music community can do to make our world a better place? 

I love how you specified our own community because that's so important. So many times we as people are so focused on the bigger picture and what's happening across the country that we're blinded to what's happening around the corner. Being from Chicago, we face a lot of violence and I believe most of that stems from hopelessness and frustration. No one wants to sell drugs. No one wants to go to prison. No one wants to die. A lot of crimes committed, especially in low poverty areas are due to lack of resources. Growing up in my community there were positive activities we could involve ourselves in whether they were parks, sport camps or field trips. Due to lack of funding, a lot of these things have now been taken away so what else is a kid going to do besides hang out outside when he has nothing else productive to do? Jobs are being cut. Minimum wage is barely supporting families. People feel they have to make their own way by any means because you can't count on someone else to do it for you, even if it's their job. I think to help fix this problem is to build more recreational centers where kids can perfect their craft, to continue sport camps where people can enhance their talent, to create more businesses that create more jobs. Artists in the music community can help this by sharing their resources. You have a artist like chance the rapper who even with him being one of the biggest artists in the world right now, still doing open mic for high school students and bringing artists like Kanye west to the southside of Chicago to let the kids know it's possible although they may not feel it is. You have artists like Vic Mensa traveling to flint Michigan to donate water. Artists have more influence than they sometimes realize so using that influence for the greater good can sometimes do more than the officials in the community because the youth relates and idolizes them. One of my plans is to build a music library where I'll install mac computers along with a studio and protools where kids can learn how to record, how to mix, how to be self sufficient. People want to feel like they're cared about and not forgotten which is how most people in poverty feel. They feel abandoned so bringing life and again, love is definitely a start. 

Finally, you've got a big 2017. What else can we expect from you for the rest of the year? 

I'm very excited for this 2017. I'm partnering with a great talent, DJ Shiftee on a couple projects I'm looking forward to releasing this year. My single, "Been In Love" produced by another great talent Geotheory will be premiering soon which I'm very excited for as well. Overrall just expect quality work because we plan to deliver nothing less. 

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