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Interview: Party Thieves Wants to Party With You

Will embark on a 300-person capacity party in New Orleans, Miami, Fresno, and one more secret location.


A lot of what happens in electronic and dance music today seems to be hyper-focused on making the events as big as possible. More lights, more energy, more lasers, fireworks, and at times, more people. It can sometimes be the detriment of the actual music, and can take back from the experience at the cost of the people buying the ticket. 

With that in mind, we sat down with Party Thieves, who's just announced that he's going to be doing some 300-person capacity events that will focus on him with his fans- nothing else. Although we can expect the same level of madness with the energy levels pumped at to the max, he's gearing up for a tour that will seriously change the way he interacts with fans. 

He's so far announced that he will be performing at New Orleans (at Republic), Miami (at Heart), and in Fresno (at Fulton 55), but there's also a secret 4th date that is yet to be announced, so make sure to keep your eyes on lock for more details. It could be your city! 

Register for the event here, and read our interview below. 

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Hey Party Thieves, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us! You're gearing up for a small, intimate show tour this time around. In dance music, everyone seems to be focusing on how to make their crowds bigger, shows filled with more lights, everything needs to be bigger and brighter. What prompted you to return to a small atmosphere? 

One random day last month, I woke up with an urge to meet and just genuinely party with some of my most loyal fans, no tickets, no complicated promoter contracts, just free shows and intimate memories that these fans will be able to share forever. I basically wanted to throw a meet n greet tour to give back to this community, a lot of artists are caught up around money so they would never plan something like this, I'm just caught up around having fun, that's my problem.

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Going along with that, you've picked places like Fresno, which aren't exactly party capitals in the US. Was it also your intention to pick a couple of smaller cities along with the bigger city locations? 

Actually back in November, I was scheduled to play Trap Fest in Fresno and due to unforeseen circumstances with flights and weather, I was not able to make it. I never like letting down my fans because they are the reason I am where I am today. I am a man of my word and instead of going back to play Fresno where they would have to pay for another ticket, I wanted to give them a free show and really get to know them on a larger level. 

You're probably used to playing massive shows, but now that you're looking to have something more intimate, how do you plan on going into the event/how will you prepare? Besides all of the improv you probably have to do night after night, are there any major differences you're preparing for between a stadium show and a smaller show right off the bat? 

To be honest, my shows are known to be rowdy and to go off, nothing will change there, just the amount of people. I guess I will prepare to talk to more people because my other shows I don't really get to meet my fans unless there is a Meet & Greet set up. Pretty much the main reason I did this was to meet everyone I don't normally get to meet. 

You have a lot of dedicated fans who love your every move. What advice would you give any of them if they are interested in getting in the music game? 

Patience. None of this comes over night. If you think this is easy and expect to get to certain levels before putting in the time, you are in for a rude awakening. Be true to yourself and don't change your ways just to be part of the norm. This industry is about breaking boundaries and being unique. Just be you. 

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