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Interview: We Talk to Young Futura About How Electronic Music and Hip Hop Are Molding Into One

Young Futura talks to us one on one.

Young Futura gained notoriety in late 2015 with their catchy cross-section between hip hop and dance music, which quickly bloomed into cult classic when they fell quiet until the end of 2016. They then dropped their Patience EP, which has quickly cemented the duo team, comprising of Beau Young Prince and Futura, into the group of talents that always choose quality over quantity. 

We sat down with the duo to learn more. 

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You two are back as Young Futura again in the second half of the year. Is this going to continue becoming a key figure in the fall and winters in our lives?

You can expect YF to become a key figure year round. We eased into releasing our debut EP slowly because we wanted listeners to actually take the time to digest the music. Today everything has such a short life cycle, and because of that fact, we put our focus into creating something we find timeless. Now that ‘Patience’ is out and people feel where we are coming from, we will remain consistent throughout the year.

To go along with that, who were your key influences this time around? How has Young Futura grown as a duo? What have you guys been spending time doing while you were doing solo work?

Key influences on this project don’t date back to people really, but more so a feeling. We could sit here and say that house music, classic hip-hop, soul, funk, and more influenced the project; however, you already know this if you have heard the music. Instead, we would say that a feeling influenced this EP. That bounce, that groove, those synths, that moment you feel when dancing to a great song. That is what influenced the music. As far as subject matter, we wrote and felt our experiences. In that way we have also grown and have learned to synthesize our ideas, thoughts, and feelings in order to create one whole piece. This is no easy feat but having a partner, being able to create a new musical identity, allows you to free yourself and you creative process. Never forget that music should always be simple, done in a positive and productive matter.

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As far as solo work, we are always working on music to go in the vault, you can expect different projects coming from BYP and Futura.

What prompted the two of you to get together for a musical collaboration on this level in the first place?

As all things that are natural occur, we were in the right place at the right time. We met in Brooklyn, caught a vibe to some sounds, recorded immediately, and the rest was groovy. You know how it goes, sometimes it's effortless and it's the best feeling in the world. That night we recorded 'She Bad' right away and from that point, we both knew we were going towards something big. That’s the key ingredient to the sauce and synergy.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice about the music world, what would you want to say to yourself?

We would say, slow it down! Develop yourself. Take the time to find out and understand who you are, and not what people want you to be. This is important when being your own person. In music it is easy to get distracted by a lot of irrelevant people and things. ALWAYS stay focused, and of course ALWAYS practice PATIENCE.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2017 (either solo or as a duo)?

2017 will be full of surprises, you can expect some new singles, merch, bonus tracks, videos and great live shows coming up!

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