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iPhone Photo Tips: Using The Olloclip Ultra-Wide Lens Kit

Take your iPhone photos to the next level with the Olloclip Ultra-Wide Lens
Sometimes it's best to just stick with the normal lens on your phone, 

Sometimes it's best to just stick with the normal lens on your phone, 

For many of us our iPhone has become our camera of choice simply due to the fact that it's always in our pocket along with its high quality images. Despite the phone being really great people that love taking pictures on their phones have always wanted more and that gave birth to entire cottage industry of iPhone lenses and accessories. 

One of my favorite brands is Olloclip. I've been a big fan of the Olloclip lenses and accessories since they first hit the market and I've used their lenses to really enhance my iPhone photos.

From getting up super close to punching in to extreme wide angles there is a lens for every style and taste. 

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In this article I only used the regular iPhone 7+ lens and the Olloclip Ultra-Wide lens to show the differences. Take a look at the galleries below for some good comparisons. 

The big difference as you can see is obvious, you get a much wider angle which can work wonders or make your photos look wonky and lopsided. Of course this is all in the eye of the beholder and the photographer, but here are some image examples that I took on my holiday trip to the hip little mountain town of Salida (go there, you will dig it). 

As you can see often the straight ahead versions like the kayaks pictured above just looks lot better as more of a flat image but when you add angles to the image, especially more extreme ones you can get some fantastic results like in the gallery below. 

For more on Olloclip check their website. 

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