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Jeremy Olander is not to be trifled with. He can go deep into the darkest depths of techno or sail as high as the most ecstatic moment of any progressive house opus. With releases aplenty on Pryda, Suara and now his very own Vivrant, Jeremy is consistently charging forward. 

To celebrate his latest release "Caravelle" on Vivrant, Jeremy has shares with us a few of his favorite songs, and a bit of insight on what he loves so much about them. These tunes are diverse, eclectic and reveal so much about a man whose music is chock full of magic and mystery. 

So, take a moment, and let this wizard pull back the curtain, and let you into the machinations that move through his mind when he hears something that moves him.  

"Last Dance" by The Cure

I got on The Cure train quite late but now I’m all over their catalogue. The whole ’Disintegration’ album really struck a chord with. It’s melancholic music at its best and ‘Last Dance’ stands out as a favorite.

"New Person, Same Old Mistakes" by Tame Impala 

Ever since I heard Tame Impala’s album ‘Currents’ for the first time this track has been on heavy rotation whenever I want to listen to something that’s not dance music. Australian indie rock at its finest. What I love most about this song is that it’s unpredictable and trippy.

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"Off the Rip" by French Montana, Chinx, N.O.R.E

I’m a big into 90s East Coast sound. I listen to very few of the new artists on that scene these days but this one reminded me of how I felt listening to the old records. New School NYC hip hop.

"Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys

I watched the portrait of Brian Wilson of the Beach boys called Love & Mercy. There is a segment about ’Good Vibrations’ that really shows the Brian’s struggle, but also the complexity of the composition and the effort they put into it. Made me appreciate it a lot more.

"Crazy Love" by Van Morrison

I grew up on Van Morrison and it’s been the soundtrack to my childhood almost to same extent as Michael Jackson. ‘Crazy Love’ is definitely one of his records I tend to come back to most frequently.

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