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LANDR Partners With Native Instruments to Introduce Stems Mastering

The future of music production is coming sooner than you think.
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LANDR and Native Instruments have announced today that they will be teaming up to offer instant mastering through the LANDR website. Files created in Native Instruments’ free Stem Creator application can be dragged and dropped into the application for instant sound optimization. Stems Mastering will be introduced at a cost of $9.99 per master.

Stems itself has been revolutionary in the way music has been created in real time during performances. The application is a new open format created by Native Instruments that provides a completely new way to DJ. It allows DJs and producers to create spontaneous edits, remixes, and more, by making the elements of a track available independently.

Mate Galic, President and CTO of Native Instruments notes- 

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As an open multi-track audio format, Stems enhances creative possibilities for DJs, producers, and live performers, and our ambition has always been to make the features available to anyone. LANDR compatibility with Stems is the next step on this journey, offering producers a convenient, affordable solution for mastering with convincing sonic results 

More information about Stems can be found here. Additional information on Stems mastering with LANDR plus one free Stems master is available here

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