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Listen: City of Stars - Chillout Mix Inspired By La La Land

A DJ mix of blissed out tunes inspired by the massive new film La La Land

Chances are you have been hearing all about the new film La La Land that recently swept the Golden Globes and has made even non "musicals" people true believers. 

Once you leave the theater the "City of Stars" track will be playing on repeat in your head for at least a couple of days, trust me. For all the dudes out there that have said "hell no" to your ladies' desire to go see it, you actually will be surprised at just how much you might like it, most of it anyway. 

So we got a mix together that was inspired by the film with some cool covers, and music that blends nicely with the overall vibe and theme of the flick. 

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Grab a bottle of nice wine, maybe a cocktail, and lean back on the couch to soak it all in and if you haven't made it out to the theater to see La La Land, it's worth your trip ... at the very least do it for your girlfriend. 

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