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I will be bringing you 8 fresh, inspirational interviews with an array of underground music artists. From people that pioneered certain music genres, to the new wave of young producers, DJ's and MC's.

For this first installment, I was lucky enough to travel down to Bedford to interview 2 heavy-weight underground music specialists, 'Nomine' & 'Macabre Unit'. The interview cover's various topics, we spoke about their forthcoming grime vinyl release, production tips, the current state of the grime scene and much much more. 

Nomine on the buttons.

Nomine on the buttons.

Nomine has been deeply rooted within the underground music scene for nearly 25 years. He's travelled around the world a number of times playing and spreading his sound to the masses (under his Drum & Bass alias 'Outrage') and prior to that he went under the alias 'Rage'.  

Around 2012 he started the multi genre music alias 'Nomine' and since then he's released on labels such as TEMPA, DUBZILLA RECORDINGS, and his own label 'NOMINE SOUND'. He's also created in my opinion some of the most beautiful, emotive Dubstep I've ever heard, 'Blind Man', 'Nomine's Chant', 'To the Sky' to name just a few.  He’s successfully achieved a masters degree (having left school with no qualifications), become a university lecturer and a qualified teacher, he now teaches music at Bedford College. There is no denying that this seasoned professional has given his life to the underground scene and music as whole, you can see the passion he has for it, its quite inspiring. 

Nomine is an incredibly talented producer and has an awful lot of expertise to share with people, at the start of 2017 he vowed to release a 60 second video every day throughout the year with tips and very helpful information about music & production. These videos are so very informative for young, eager producers who are trying to find their way in the music industry, make sure you go give them a watch. Dont forget to check out Nomine's facebook page here to keep up to date with what he's doing within the music world.

Macabre Unit in Slovenia.

Macabre Unit in Slovenia.

Macabre Unit (Nurve) was part of the Macabre Unit collective and he and 9er were the main producers and co-founder's, the crew pioneered the scene in the early 2000s. 'Nurve' is still as current today he was 10 years ago and releases all his grime productions under the 'Macabre Unit' alias. Whilst Nomine was out traveling the world and pushing his drum and bass sound nearly 15 year's ago, Macabre Unit were killing it at Sidewinder, Eskimo Dance and various other underground raves. 

Now the sound that Macabre Unit produced is so raw, so crisp, its still as current now as it was back then. Songs like Killer Bee, Sense, Tensor Jam and more which were made well over 10 years ago still resonate fully with todays DJ's, its not uncommon to hear these timeless classics crop up in modern day sets. You can see the impact these kind of tunes have had on todays grime producers. 

However he doesn't just stick to one genre of music, going under the alias Nurve he releases various genre type's but all of a very deep, dark variety, from techno to dubstep and everything in between. He runs 2 record labels called Macabre Unit Digital (M.U.D) and Macabre Unit Vinyl (M.U.V) which he releases a lot of his own material through. As well as his release with Nomine he has also been hard at work in the studio doing bits and creating some incredibly rough grime instrumentals, each of them blowing up various radio stations at the moment. Be be sure to look out for Jimmy Cah, Underworld and a favorite of mine, Darth Vader, as well as a load more he's been working on.

Below are the 6 grime tunes that feature on the new Nomine/Macabre Unit Grime E.P. go ahead and have a listen...

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Grimey Tribe - This tune is exactly what it says, its one for the tribal grime fans, the intro starts with some gorgeous strings that just pop along but nothing really prepares you for the drop which is hard and grainy, the tribal drums work perfectly in correlation to the strings. I've never really heard a grime song like this, it sounds very rare and incorporates lot of different sounds. 

Game Over - This tune uses a lot of obscure gaming samples and you can still hear that tribal vibe with a small section of the drums. The finished product is a gem, using a deep sub bass that rips through most of the track. To be honest I really appreciate Nomine using old school gaming noises as it almost makes me feel nostalgic.

World of G - Nomine has said in the past how much he enjoy's using vocalist's that don't sing or rap in english. It brings a completely different feel to the song which I fully agree with. Duff MC bring a certain sense of power and authority to the tune. The instrumental has such a dark intro and uses sharp, dry strings that sound so tough throughout the track. 

Sound Boy - Macabre Unit has crafted a madness with this one. The intro starts off building up with the sample 'your not a sound boy' being repeated over and over again with some kind of filter on it. Then drums kick in, with the sample still playing. Then all of a sudden it all fades away and the most haunting of drop's happen's. Absolute banger in my eyes.

Red Stripe Riddim - This tune starts off with a distance police siren, and a stuttered intro incorporating various instruments, then just before the drop it all cuts away and there is a sharp symbol noise. The drop uses aggressive strings coupled with a dark bass, every now and then the sirens come back in, the finished product? A very dark tune.

Neurotik - This is a the finisher. The killer, it comes from no where. The intro is subtle and happy almost, then the most gruesome noise escapes on the drop, sounds like the bassline is squeezing out of the speakers at a ferocious speed. 


Every tune on this E.P. is completely unique, whether that be by the feelings the tune gives you, or by the individual sound each tune make's. Either way you have to praise both Macabre Unit and Nomine, they've crafted a belter of an E.P. that will definitely stand the test of time. I'm very hyped for their next joint release. 

Make sure you go out and purchase the release. Here's the link to the website -

Below is the full interview, take some time to sit down and have a watch, its incredibly informative and quite funny at times! 

Big ups to both Nomine and Macabre Unit I had a great time coming down to Bedford and meeting you both, thank's for reaching out.


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