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This list's sole purpose in the world is to make you forget that 2016 was hailed as a terrible year. Instead of the Trumpmeister general, we have Andy C (we win!) and instead of Brexit, we have Brazilians and Dutchmen and Antipodeans all making their bass faces and rubbing along merrily.

Long live the drum and bass machine! 

Flash back to this time last year...

"Higher (The Prototypes Remix)" - Netsky ft. Jauz [Sony Music]

Kicking things off in the right manner is an already tight Netsky tune being thrown in The Prototypes home blender. WHIIIZZZZ! Choppppppp - innnng! Sick tune comes out. That's how it's done. 

"One Last Picture (ft Kye Sones)" - Maduk [Hospital Records]

Maduk's debut album, 'Never Give Up' on Hospital earlier this year is not one to be neglected - there's a whole storm of very good tunes ensconced in one disc. Yeah that's right, ensconced.

 "Waiting For" - SpectraSoul [Ish Chat Music]

SpectraSoul made their own label this year and then released shit on it. Which is bloody sensible really! Do not take my use of the word shit as a summary however, this is good shit - brilliant shit - shiny shit. Sorry for that tangent. I really like SpectraSoul's.... shit.

"White Flag VIP" - Delta Heavy [RAM Records]

Quite simply the best thing to come out of 2016. Pick of the bunch, best song of the year. I though I wasn't going to play favourites today but I lied through my teeth. "I surrender, I surrender, I surrrenderrrrrr-eeeeeee-eeeerrrrrrr--rrrr-eeeeeee-". 

"Remind Me" - High Contrast [3Beat]

2016 saw the don High Contrast re-enter the fray - things you can look forward to in 2017 include his new live show which he previewed at the Together Halloween rave back in October. Well worth a nosy.

If I Could" - Camo & Krooked ft. Joe Killington

Joe Killing-ton and Camo & Krooked killing - it. Ha. Good thing their tunes are better than my jokes! "Ember" was an incredible release for these guys but I can't walk past the below. Funky as all flip.

"Stars" - Shapeshifter [Hospital Records]

Shapeshifter are the greatest thing to come out of NZ - even when pitted against national treasures such as jaffas and the formidable pineapple lump. What am I trying to say? There is a reason Hospital pinched them, put them in their santa sack and ho-ho-ho'd their way laughing into December last year. Shapeshifter are poised to grow huger on an international level, and quite frankly it's about time - no one does dnb like them. Tumeke!

"Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)" - Children of Zeus feat. DRS [The North Quarter]

The winner of best remix at DnbArena Awards this year should certainly not be left out in the cold! DRS is the king of MC and Metalheadz' Lenzman should be damn proud of himself.

"Hello (High Contrast Remix)" -  Adele [Bootleg]

Adele in the top 26 drum and bass list - bet her mother's well proud. High Contrast appearing for the second time, honoured here because of his outstanding work escalating the mopemaster to peaks of musical excellence.

"The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company UK Remix)" - The Prodigy [RAM Records]

Who could bypass the return of Bad Company in September - a worthy stomper to mark such a landmark event!

"Strobe (Dimension Remix)" - deadmau5 [mau5trap]

Lotta, lotta love for this one worldwide - people rated the bravely long intro and audible finesse. Dimension is my big punt for 2017. He's going big or he's going home. Money's on that it will not be the latter!

"Jungle Cats" - 1991 [MTA Records]

1991's Dim Sum EP is like a warm plate of dumplings- tangy, full of delicious filling and very, very welcome. I'm reaching but - 'Jungle Cats' really is the pick of the dumpling pot. 

"Ultraviolet" - Fred V & Grafix [Hospital Records]

The Frafix - back and better than ever.

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"Big Tune Again" - Calyx & TeeBee [RAM Records]

You have been warned, this will enter you between the ears and not leave. 

"Gothenburg Cluster" - Urbandawn [Hospital Records]

Hailing from what I think the wider dnb audience will agree is one of the best album's of 2016, is this complex little treasure. Tricky work peeling apart the album to decide on a favourite and absolutely rate "Together Again too, but I think the winner is now clear.

"Suicide Bassline VIP" - Mefjus [Critical Music]

Cling onto a chair if you're going in on this Mefjus VIP. Not for the faint hearted or the frail of ear, but well worth the heart palpitations and early onset tinnitus.

"Sweet Lies" - Wilkinson ft Karen Harding [RAM Records]

Wilky woo, another big name who has got their A into G this year and smashed out a bunch of bangers. This one got some significant traction!

"Calm The Fuck Down" - Rene LaVice & Current Value [RAM Records]

Impossible to be calm in the face of such (a)rousing aggression and downright laddery. BLARGHHHHHHHFFWAGGGGA (< us, losing it).

"Tentacles" - Noisia [Vision Recordings]

Favourite set of 2017 was Noisia's Outer Edges show at SW4. Completely unlike anything you've ever seen or heard. Despite the album leak directly prior to showcasing it, they recovered tremendously and it became an absolutely mammoth of a year for this trio of spacesuit wearing mavericks.

"All Goes Wrong" - Chase & Status ft. Tom Grennan [Chase & Status / Mercury Records Limited]

Tough call between this and 'Tribes' but I'd happily listen to anything Chase & Status put out. Big tune, crap tune, Saul Milton and Will Kennard read 'Winnie The Pooh' on audiobook... anything!

"Only U (Real Quick)" - Ownglow [Hospital Records]

Huge year for the Arizonian A-man. Ownglow only went and got signed by Hospital didn't he! This was the fourth track of his debut EP with them and it was snaffled for the Forza Horizon 3 soundtrack to boot. 

"Hoez To The Floor" - Rockwell [Shogun Audio]

Sending hoez and non-hoez alike to the d-floor this year with a lot of success was Mr. Tom Rockwell. Applause.

"Life/Thrills" - Metrik ft. NAMGAWD [Hospital Records]

Another epic album of 2017, this time from Metrik. Sounds like the plan was to evolve his sound and lean on a love for film soundtracks, neo-soul and a Japanese pop sub-genre called Shibuya-kei. Too easy!

Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Caterpillar (ft. Virus Syndicate)

Beginning to suspect I am nothing but a huge racist but... big up New Zealand!! State of Mind teaming up with the dutch BSE lads to create an outraged piece of tech, neuro something. I lose track of our many genre strands. It's outrageous regardless.

"Bring It Back (Tantrum Desire Remix) - Friction ft. Stylo G [Elevate Audio]

In 2016, Tantrum Desire launched one maniac rinse of 'Bring It Back'. Fricko fangirl for life.

"New Era" - Andy C [RAM Records]

A best of the best list wouldn't be complete without the input of DnBArena's DJ of the Year x123,254, the bad man from RAM - Andy, Andy, Andy! Huge year for this boss man after the Sony merger last Feb.

Congrats! You have come this far... you WIN! A tidy little playlist for your troubles.

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