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Ladies and gentlemen, it's almost time to start your engines! Today we have a special treat to debut a very fun mix series from a beloved SF artist. MPHD is a stalwart of the San Francisco scene, and if you are hip and with it, you are sure to catch him about town getting parties started and throwing down eclectic and high energy sets galore.

Now, in 2017, we all know things are a bit different, but with MPHD specifically, this man is ready to rev his engine! He's poised to make waves, moves, grooves with releases aplenty in the coming months, but his Gas Tank mixtape series is putting the pedal to the metal in month one. This mix series is a monthly dose of new, unreleased and classic tracks that all kick it into high gear. 

Buckle up, shut up, and press play, it's time for MPHD to take the wheel with Gas Tank episode 1!  

You aren't passed the finish line yet though! Not by a long shot. MPHD, aka Bradley Exum, did some laps with me answering a few questions to possibly demystify or only enhance the mystery of the man, the myth, the legend. 

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MPHD - one part man, one part mystery, one part master selector, one part meme connoisseur and I could go on and on! Who is MPHD in MPHD's own words?

MPHD is a guy who just really loves music. It's simple. If I wasn't making electronic music, I'd probably still be on a stage playing in a band, because it's what I love. I work a furious amount to be where I am and if you've seen me on social media you know that I have an insane sense of humor, but it's all pretty much driven by the fact that the backbone of what I love is making music and performing.

You're based in San Francisco, and you are pretty much the go-to opener when major acts come through. How do you go about getting an SF party started?

I've found that partygoers are attracted to someone who is having fun and just doesn't care. That's what nightclubs are for, anyways: letting go and being that person that you can't be in the office, on the street, etc. Musically, I really try to stay true to who I am and what I think is fun when I'm playing an opening set. Every track that I put on a system is one I've listened to a million times before and love. People love that. You let go and then other people let their inhibitions down because it's a safe space. I don't play any music I'm not truly connected to because people can tell when you're faking it.

How does MPHD fit into the SF scene? Or rather, where does MPHD contextually sit in the scene?

Personally, I feel that I bridge the gap between the underground house scene and the not-so-underground house scene in SF. The appreciation for dance music in general is strong on both sides, but I think it's really important for mainstream clubgoers to know that the tracks they like won't always need to be the biggest selling tracks (and it's important to have someone to show them this). Every time I open for a big player I definitely aim to play tunes that people don't yet know that they love.

Is there a definitive MPHD sound and style?

I've transformed my sound a bit since my last release in 2014, but the music has always been centered around really tight rhythms and slightly aggressive sounds presented in a way that really gets past your initial expectations, and makes you dance. Since I started this project I have tiptoed between the genres of house, techno, and electro in my releases; but it's all been based around turning sounds, samples, and feelings that might be a little unattractive or off-kilter into tracks that are undeniably produced to make you move.

What are a few required listening or definitive MPHD songs?

  • "Homebody" - Out next month on Room Temp Records, featured in the mix!
  • "Camp" 
  • "Porno" 

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