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With NAMM on the way, all gear heads begin their annual migration to Anaheim, California to dive into the latest and greatest tools of the trade. It also seems to be the time of year where every producer seems to add a little bit of kit to their studios. Maybe it's a lot of gear lust, analog FOMO, who knows...?

What we do know is that Novation has two pieces of gear that might just be perfect additions to your set-up, especially if you are an Ableton user or a producer on the go. 

We've been huge fans of their gear for a long time, and the Circuit and Launchpad Pro are both worth taking a serious look at. 

Novation Circuit:

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The Novation Circuit is an inspirational grid-based groove box with two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine. Battery powered and packed full of control, you can start making music in seconds no matter where you are. You can even edit the synth patches on board as well as load your own samples to create unique compositions. Circuit Components is a web based tool that allows you to save your sessions, load your own samples, and update to the latest firmware. Regular updates are released to unlock even more features within the Novation Circuit.

Novation Launchpad Pro

Novation Launchpad Pro:

The Novation Launchpad Pro is the easiest way to take full control of Ableton Live. Create dynamic and expressive performances with enhanced RGB LED feedback as well as velocity and pressure-sensitive pads. With MIDI In and Out connections, you can connect Launchpad Pro to any of your external hardware to play melodies, bass lines, or pads without a traditional MIDI keyboard. Now with Scale Mode, the Launchpad Pro automatically assigns the 64 pads to notes of one of 32 keys and modes, making it impossible to play out of key.

Update: Here is our NAMM 2017 Video at the Novation Booth 

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