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Outkast 101 is Now a Real Class for a University in Georgia!

Outkast and the Rise of the Hip-Hop South is now being offered as a real class!

Armstrong State University is now offering Outkast and the Rise of the Hip-Hop South, taught by professor Dr. Regina Bradley, 

Bradley notes the importance of the class because "often, students get most of their information, their outlook from how they engage in popular culture… ”

Bradley comes from a background of blending hip hop culture with university education. She previously was a Ph.D. student and a Nasir Jones fellow at Harvard’s Hiphop Archive & Research Institute. The class will consist of a lengthy review of a hip hop album as their main assignment. 

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The Professor also assures- 

“I also don’t want to overlook or shun the folks who aren’t familiar with hip-hop at all. I’m pretty sure I have a couple of folks in there who have no clue who Outkast is or don’t listen to hip-hop at all, which is why they’re there — they want to learn something different.”

Check out one of their classic tracks "Roses," below. 

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