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Premiere + Announcement: Gypsy Mamba Brings Everything He's Got to New Album 'Magnetic Syndromes' out via Alpha Pup

We also have his first single, "Like Chill" exclusively here!

Gypsy Mamba signed to Alpha Pup Records for Da Feenux, a stunning project that received critical acclaim and fan adoration when it was released in 2016. He's currently getting ready for a massive year ahead of him as he is announcing today that he will be releasing Magnetic Syndromes, a full-length LP release later this month. Never one for compromise, the talented artist sets the stage for his album as a place where the unpredictability of life brings the listener through a journey of highs and lows, and confronts depression and anxiety full on within the context of his reality. 

Musically, the work on this record is more intricately detailed than ever. He's advanced his composition skills with Reason 8 and the available VSTs through that program, which has allowed him to expand his production style now more than ever.  

On the release, he explains to us- 

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"This is my most personal record to date I left all genre at the door and purely allowed my emotion and how I was living at any given moment dictate the direction of each track. This album reflects a darker time mentally that I have pulled myself out of. The term 'Magnetic Syndrome' plays as a indicator of how depression anxiety and hard times are attracted to me like a magnet"

With the album announcement, we also have the first single, "Like Chill," here for our listeners. While only three minutes long, the song takes us on an emotional ride, bringing the listener on a journey simultaneously through the creator's personal life, along with a re-examination of our own inner-happenings. 

Magnetic Syndrome will be out January 27th. Listen to "Like Chill" below, and pre-order via digital and vinyl here

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