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Premiere: Duo Thoma are Bringing a Fresh Take on Chill Electronic Music

Out via Loci Records.
thoma album w font.jpg

January is always an interesting time. Many of us are going through a dry month, and the rest of us are probably feeling the sting of holiday present buying hurting our pockets. Either way, the first month of the year is not the rowdiest of months for most of us. 

With that in mind, we've got a super chilled out track for you that will adapt to all of your different needs, and this piece is brilliant in its capacity to simultaneously bring energy and give you peace. It's the perfect piece to close out the week with, regardless of whether you're trying to stay in tonight or not. 

Thoma is comprised of long-time friends Tristan de Liège (formerly Stratus) and Benjamin Hill (Askanse). Their self-titled debut album will be out February 3rd. Check out their track "Moca" below. 

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