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Public Art May Be No More Under Trump Presidency

We may be saying goodbye to federally funded art, radio, tv, and more.

Donald Trump has been complaining about the massive spending of our federal government since the early days of the election, and while people are generally happy when their president follows through on their word, it doesn't help when the conservatives are ready to go after the art and entertainment world. 

Rumors are swirling in D.C. that the Trump administration, via The Hill, among the various budget cuts they are proposing, is looking to cut all funding for National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Without these two programs, many in the arts would suffer as they will now find it difficult to find grants to fund exhibitions, get into research, and find artistic funding in public programs. 

They are also looking to privatize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports public radio and television. It would affect stations like PBS, NPR, and your local television stations. 

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One thing is for sure, multiple facets of everyday life could begin to change under the new administration. 

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