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Record Label Profile: Paper Recordings is Changing the Game

Get to know the guys behind the prolific label.
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The Paper Recordings team have been incredibly busy setting off 2017 into one of their most successful yet. With a compilation underway, we grabbed some time with the amazing team to learn more about what it takes to run a label in this generation. 

How did the record label start, why did you start a label, and do you feel that your message and goal have changed since you first started? 

Paper Disco was started as an offshoot of Paper Recordings (which itself had been running for 20+ years!) as an output for more dance-floor/party orientated type sounds rather than the deeper 'house' vibes that paper was synonymous with. Nothing much has really changed and I think in the few years it has been in operation we have released some great tracks from a few tried & tested producers as well as discovering a wealth of new talent that had never initially been on our radar. Thats been part of the A&R glory! 

What would you say are the biggest challenges in managing a label? Were there unexpected obstacles you ran into when you started?

We're pretty lucky to have been doing Paper for so long that its quite a well oiled machine...we've hit the usual scheduling & deadline scenarios (of missing them) but on the whole everything runs well.

Where do you feel the label going from now? Do you have personal goals looking forward towards the future of the label? 

I'd like to think we'll keep up the consistency of quality releases and continuing to release music that makes people dance & move. 

The music world can be daunting. What advice would you give those that are looking to make their own big break?

It sounds corny but do you own thing and don't feel you have to conform to what everyone else is doing or what is currently getting played on the radio. Also, keep your feet on your ground and a good head on your shoulders, there's nothing uglier than an over inflated ego!

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What can we expect from the label for 2017?

We're looking at new compilation ideas for Paper Disco & Paper Recordings and there is also the release of the Northern Disco Lights film with an accompanying soundtrack that gets released later in the year.

Finally, you have a compilation album coming out later this month. What can e expect from the record?

It's a collection of new Paper artists and a few familiar faces on a comp entitled "Project Fear"..musically its a mixed bag of housey sorts from deeper tech edged to acid to jackin & beyond. A bit of something for everyone!

We also talked to Paper Recording's star Nutritious about his track "Fantasia," off their most recent compilation-

"Paper has a distinct voice and the label’s output is unique and unparalleled by others out there. The label’s influenced me so much, both as a dj and producer.

When writing Fantasia, I had Paper in mind, and I had just returned from Giorgio Moroder’s debut at Output. How brilliant is it to see Giorgio Moroder out there producing and djing these days? The more I got into writing the song, the more I wanted to produce an homage to Paper and a nod to Giorgio. I hadn’t really intended to release it with Paper, just create something to express how they had influenced me. But once I finished it, I decided to send it out to them to hear. Turns out, Ben and co wanted it for the Trash The Wax compilation and they signed Fantasia plus one other one, Discomaniac, coming out on Paper in January."

Discomaniac is a different sound; it’s a little house, electronic, and completely experimental."

Thanks guys! For more information about the label, check out their socials below: 

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