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Ok, another wireless earbud... who cares right? Well stop right there because I'm about to change your mind. Yes, there are a LOT of wireless earbuds on the market all sporting the same design and overall functionality, except one.

The Moshi Mythro Air has upped the game with their DJ4two app that allows you to pair up two Mythro Air wireless buds to the same source so you can listen with you friend, loved one, boo, beau, lady friend, cat, or anyone else you want to share the same tunes with. 

The Mythro Airs are a solid pair of wireless buds with good sound, nice robust bass, eight hours of battery life and are also very comfortable. 

There are some lighter options out there but for overall just walking around the town, traveling, commuting, etc. these buds hold their own. 

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Mythro Air App

Now with DJ4two you can sync up your tunes with another person (preferably someone you like) and listen together. It's kind of cozy don't you think? Now you both can both bob your heads along to the same beat and belt out the lyrics in sync. 

All kidding aside, this is a really great feature when you are traveling with someone and want to share your music together. Being on the same musical vibe can make a trip a lot more enjoyable as you experience the same soundtrack. 

We even tried it snowboarding and managed to stay connected and bomb the hill to the same tune. It was pretty awesome. 

So if you are looking for some wireless buds that are priced right ($70), sound great and allow you to pair up with a friend then look no further. My advice is buy two, because that's the whole point.

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