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Shepard Fairey Has New 'Hope' Artwork, But Won't Feature Donald Trump

New artwork focuses on minorities within the US.
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In 2008, Shephard Fairey crafted an iconic image of President Barack Obama that quickly made way as a new hope for the unheard. Recently the infamous street artist revealed new posters of hope, but this time, they don't share an iconic image of the president-to-be, but rather the people of America, who lose representation under the new administration. 

In an interview with CNN, he notes: 

It's really about making sure that 'we the people' mean all the people. I think the campaigns were divisive, more from one side than the other, but just reminding people to find their common humanity and look beyond one definition of what it means to be American. 

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Take a look at some of the artwork below and check out his interview. 

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