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Sprint acquires 33% of Tidal, What Does That Means For You?

Exclusive streaming for Sprint users seems to be heading our way.

TIDAL has announced that the cell-phone service company has acquired 33% of the company. This may possibly mean that Sprint-users may now gain an edge in exclusive streaming for artists that also own a share of the music streaming platform. Artists that currently own a share of TIDAL include Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, and more), so this could affect the way songs are released on a mainstream way. 

Jay Z, the most commonly known face of TIDAL, is no stranger to exclusive mobile phone releases, as most will remember Magna Carta Holy Grail's exclusive release in 2013 to Samsung users. More details are sure to come, but for now, Sprint users are sure to get excited about the future of music on their phone. 

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