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[TRACK PREMIERE + INTERVIEW] Satori Releases Snippet of "Imani's Dress" from Forthcoming Album Due in Spring, Tomorrow via Crosstown Rebels.

Satori's new album featuring his track, "Imani's Dress", will be released this Spring on Crosstown Rebels. Tomorrow, "Imani's Dress" will be released with remixes by Matthew Dear and Ewan Pearson for an early preview of the album.

When I first heard Satori's set on Alter Ego's podcast two years ago, I was (as his name references) enlightened by his beautifully fluid and entrancing style of music. With eyes closed, Satori's set was something ethereal and enchanting allowing one's sense of spirit and energy to be lifted and brought into a higher plane of movement. 

Releasing this Spring via Crosstown Rebels is Satori's anticipated album featuring his track, Imani's Dress which showcases his Balkan-Vagabond persona in the EP's energetic and fluidly textured tracks with the support of remixes by Ewan Pearson and Dear! 

Magnetic Magazine is exclusively premiering the title track, "Imani's Dress" here:

Photo Credit: Bastiaan Woudt

Photo Credit: Bastiaan Woudt

The first track will be released tomorrow, January 20th on Crosstown Rebels. You can pre-order here

How long did it take for you to finish Imani's Dress?

Satori: It took me around three months. After about three weeks I had set up the main hook and lyrics and was really happy with it. I knew that I could make a track out of it but I was repeatedly sucked into the composition. I think I had about 5 different versions of the track out of the hook and lyrics but I was never happy with the result. To be honest, there was a moment that I was thinking about stopping the project. But after a while, I think two months, it was suddenly just there! Suddenly the composition just flowed and the tension building and breaks were interesting.  

Once I had found that original shape I finished the track in no time.

 What inspired the original track?   

I discovered the lyrics in an acoustic cover from the Pixie, a guy from Hawaii put on YouTube. It was typically this Hawaiian Ukulele style, this guy even dressed up in this Hawaiian shirt and wore flowers around his neck - super Hawaiian! I was really fascinated by the way he sang the song, and he used a singing technique that was very famous in the 20’s blues music, called “twanging”. 

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I was very fascinated by that. After that, I focused in on the lyrics and I thought they were phenomenal! Everybody that is or has been in love (like me) knows the feeling of wanting to have a piece of clothing from your lover. That desperate longing for the smell that makes you high even when you just touch that piece of clothing is super passionate. So I combined that bluesy singing technic called ‘twanging’ with the desperate desire to smell the dress of my girlfriend :)

Where does Imani's Dress stand in your development as a producer in comparison to your first few releases? How far do you think your music style has come?  

Well, Imani’s Dress is the first track where I have used my own vocals. Before that, I always relied on vocalists or samples because I never could find a way to use my voice in an electronic composition. In another type of music, I found it easier. When I was 15 years old I learnt how to play music on the guitar, I wrote country tracks together with my sister. So from a very young age, I used my voice in music but it never worked for me in a more electronic based track. 

But after a while, I started to miss using my voice in my own music, as it’s the most honest instrument that I have. I wanted to make my music more honest, so when I discovered the lyrics and this Hawaiian cover of the PIXIE I worked really hard to let it work and the good thing is that now I found a way of how to use my voice in my music. I even perform live on stage. This track set the tone and consequently, I used my voice in two other songs on the album.

What new elements did Matthew Dear and Ewan Pearson add to the original in their remixes?  

I think both did a great job of making the track more club friendly. Although I think my version is also easily playable for a DJ but their versions even more.

Did you know from the beginning they were the most appropriate remixers?   

Crosstown Rebels asked me to make a list of artists that I would prefer remixing the track and Matthew Dear was high on my list. The way I audio process my vocal was based on an interview I read of Matthew Dear where he explains his vocal techniques. It was super nice to let him do the remix. Damian Lazarus suggested Ewan Pearson and when I listened to his discography I was really excited about it.

Is this your first Day Zero party? If yes, are you excited to be playing such a highly anticipated event outside of the BPM showcases?   

This is my first Day Zero party and yes I am super excited. I just came back from soundcheck and the venue looks really surreal. We are in the middle of the jungle, on the sacred Maya ground. When they decorated the place they paid so much attention to the detail - it’s going to be beautiful. I play after Âme and before Matthew Johnson, so I think it’s the perfect spot to sing Imani’s Dress loud and clear in that Mayan Jungle!

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